Saturday, 21 January 2017


The National Audit office revealed that the Tory Government secretly tripled payments to Concentric even being fully aware it failing.

HM Revenue agreed to it. The increased payment to Concentrix were authorised during ex-PM David Cameron and ex-Chancellor George Osborne.

This shocking report revealed Whitehall tax chiefs paid £32.5million of public money to a failing tax credits firm which wrongly stripped thousands of families of vital benefits. Did they talk about it when Cameron and Osborne giving their great speeches in the USA and Davos for £100,000 each payment?

The National Audit Office refunded almost £7million to families incorrectly had their payment stopped and it was overturned the decision from Concentrix on appeal.

But it was only one-third. It should have been all the families since the Tory Government has the money to pay a failing contractor – it has the money to pay the people.

It has not been the first time or the only one contractor which has received hundreds of thousands of pound from hard-up taxpayers.

There are Serco and G4S which received £700million for shoddy work and Serco was even up for fraud entering false data in NHS. Atos, French firm, told fatal ill people they can work and stopped their benefits. There were so far known 2,500 cases of suicide because of it. Atos walked out leaving behind a 700,000 backlog and to be sure received a Golden Handshake. So far most of David Cameron’s friends which received huge contracts had never given the full service but received the full money if not over.

Further unbelievable details emerged. Concentrix call centre received 62,000 during August 2016 alone from frantic families but they only answered five per cent within five minutes which evidently shows a very limited staff. It also means that these desperate people either hang on for a long time or kept re-dial which added further cost to their phone bills during their desperate time.

Although the Government was fully aware of it but as usually did nothing for months.

HMRC finally took the initiative and cancelled the contract late last year and have a guess they surely received a Golden Handshake.

HMRC brought the service back in-house.

HMRC has since paid out nearly £87,000 in compensation to the worst affected families.

This is all very well but it is still taxpayer’s money. It should have been David Cameron and George Osborne held responsible and have been made to pay it. They would not even have missed it. They should have been brought into court for mishandling Public money and trust in high office.

When does the MPs and public stand up to these characters? They nothing but ruined the country and the life of the people.

The same case refers to Philip Green. Although MPs had voted on losing his knighthood but so far there seems to be no sign of it. Plus his returning the pension pot of BHS staff.
For heaven's sake it is money for their retirement when they cannot work any more and rely on that money.
These fatcats seem to have the right to make off with pensions pots from  miners, steel workers and BHS. The MPs should create a riot to pressure the fatcats to return the money.

Where are the MPs principles?

Friday, 13 January 2017



This is a shocking and unbelievable news

Greenpeace discovered that Foreign Aid money supposedly to be used for poor people in the third world countries; is actually used to drill for oil in Lake Malawi.

British diplomacy and foreign aid had used to pace the way for UK Oil Company to explore for oil in Lake Malawi. The Tories never stop to find and use a dirty trick.

The UN already warned that a spill could ruin the fragile ecosystem but could the UN not stop it?

Aid supposed to transform people’s lives and lift them out of poverty but not to  be used to drill in Lake Malawi which would put people’s livelihood at risk.

The lake supports the livelihood of more than 1.5 million people living around the shore. It is also home of Nile crocodiles, hippos, monkeys and Africa fish eagle.

Rafic Hajat, chair of the International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa, a network of organisations across continent, said: “If there was any oil spill on the Lake Malawi it would take 700 years to replenish. Malawi will never benefit from this oil, just look at Nigeria, one of the biggest oil producers in the world, but every day people queuing for their fuel and there are power cuts. This is not a blessing it is a curse.”

It is not Malawi alone. It was discovered that another British oil company Tullow Oil was officially financial supported by the UK government to explore for oil in one of Africa oldest national parks in Uganda, home to an endangered species of giraffe.

British Official excelled themselves even more by lobbying senior Zambian ministers to help oil firm Tullow to win a licence to explore three major national parks.

It is no surprise that the famous Piti Patel , International Development minister, is behind it. She made headlines of one of the highest fiddle of expense claims but as usual amongst Tories; she did not lose her job.

She tries now to link Aid with trade deals. Mind you the City, which handles Aid, did it for a long time.

However, there is a great difference between using taxpayers’ funded aid money used as it supposed to, to improve living standard of the poor in underdeveloped countries and greasing officials in Africa for oil exploration Politicians should have so much respect and principles.


The picture proves that the privatisation was planned a long time ago. It shows Jeremy Hunt's real face.
Even Thatcher was already hoping to do it, accordingly to the revelation of newly released documents, but for the uproar of her own Cabinet. Apparently, the Cabinet had still principles and consciences which vanished in the meantime.

After ex-PM David Cameron kept constantly selling contracts operating in the NHS, axing 5,000 nurses and replacing them with agency’s staff which nothing but filled the pockets of his friends which brought now the NHS to its breaking point.

The new PM May sold another 200 contracts to Richard Branson who already bought privatised train services and is known as one of  the worst trains operator. He will do now the same to the NHS because contractors are only after profit for themselves and their shareholders (guess who).

After a record high of waiting lists, ambulances stuck in a queue outside the A&E because there are no beds available and doctors to handle the patience, corridors full with patience on beds waiting, the PM May has the unbelievable nerve to state that there is no NHS crisis.

Even the Red Cross which is purely there for great disasters had to be brought in because of it and highlighted the situation even more.  Is she still thinking she can convince the public? The people who are in the forefront of the crisis and suffer most.  Or is she pretending to safeguard her privatisation of the NHS? This is more likely.

Where are the MPs who had been elected by the people to protect their rights? Are they all waiting for the privatisation for getting a part of the fat from insurances which will be high and unaffordable like America?
The MPs did not stop any other privatisation so far which double and trebled prices plus is still subsidised by the taxpayers. In other words they cashing in on payments from the taxpayers and their subsidies.
As David Cameron said: “We want a majority to finish the work we have started.” How the Tory got a majority after five years ruining the country is still a myth and questionable?
In my opinion it is high time the Tories are made to quit.

No way are people that easily blindfolded after bringing the whole public down to starvation and homelessness by Welfare cuts and austerity.  At the same time creating the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world.

So, the question remains still what happened at the General Election 2015? The whole nation was shocked that the Tories won again and therefore something was not right there.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


This is an incredible but true statement that MPs have not enough work. There was never so many problems and the Tory Government’s constant cuts would surely amount to a huge workload yet the MPs complained they have not enough to do.

They are at Parliament only 152 days a year as it is. Yet they got a 10 per cent pay rise. All the expenses ate paid by the hard-up taxpayers and it costs £4million for catering. Two or Three years ago it was suggest that the House of Lords' catering should join the House of Commons' catering but the Lords refused with the reason the champagne is not as good as in their catering. Talking aboukt spitting the hard-up, starving and homeless people in the face.   

During the Cameron’s coalition, they had already ‘light work’ but now under PM May they have even less to do. David Cameron was known for domination and centralisation around him and his Cabinet.

Accordingly, the report in the Daily Express the Theresa May administration is so busy with Brexit that there is very little else done.  Apparently, all Parliamentary Bills are help back. At the same times they point out that there is plenty of constituency work still on.

Their ‘lazy days’ might be soon over when the Supreme Court decides the legal challenge to the PM May’s power to formally start Brexit. It has already been planned an all-night sitting to rush Brexit through the House of Common and Lords.

It will be the most historical sitting and debates of centuries.

However, it is feared it could also amount to a lot of mischief-making by MPs who have very little else to do or some who are too powerful.

Downing Street aides stated “The Prime Minister does have radical policy ideas that will mean substantial measures coming before Parliament”.

PM May plans are to build a country that works for everyone and will require ambitious reforms to promise greater social mobility and break down class barriers.  Haven’t we heard these words before but hopefully it will come true this time.

The Parliament will re-open with a major speech about social reforms on Monday, 9 January, 2017. However, her team is nervous about the narrow Tory majority in the Commons. Now there is an admission! The team fears they would make it impossible to pass controversial measures through.

In view of the total financial crisis in the NHS and Labour Leader Jeremy Corby demanding from Mrs May definite plans which stops the break-up of the NHS it does not look to be a dull, boring Parliament sitting.

Surely, to put the NHS back on its feet again and not just batch it up for a couple of months would give the MPs enough work to get their teeth in. Then there are the starving and homeless people.

This country is so run-down by Cameron and the Tories that it is hard to understand the MPs mourn about not having enough work even if he Cabinet shuts down but if they receive bulks of letters eventually they will and must react.


Saturday, 7 January 2017


Surprising President Obama did this in his last few days. It is nothing but an increased threat to peace. Even though Russia moved their military near their borders after NATO moved but the USA added now to it. USA keeps provoking Russia constantly.

USA landed 87 tanks and 144 military vehicles in Bremer Haven, Germany on Friday.

3,500 US troops are being deployed by NATO on the eastern front.

If that is not aggression, what is?  Despite of it all Russia will still be labelled as the aggressor. For months US was aggravating the situation while pointing at the Russians all the time.

As Putin stated lately “If America wants war it can get it” after it received a message, details were not given, but it must have pushed the point to the limit.

US new move started a phase of US Operation Atlantic Resolve by moving an American armoured brigade combat team into Europe.  

Why has the USA to aggravate the situation more and even spearheading it especially in Europe. Russia has not moved more aggressively but only enforced its borders. Is America itching to light the fuse wire?

They kept aggravating Russia ever since Crimea voted to be annexed to Russia. US had no right to call it illegal and to sanction Russia, roping in the West.  US moved into the Ukraine, politically, to introduce “Democracy” by outvoting the President and creating ever since  a civil war and splitting the country.

To cause civil war and split the country is the method of the US whichever country they had invaded so far. All those countries are left in turmoil ever since.

The tanks, military vehicles and troops will first be moved into Poland and then spread across from Estonia to Bulgaria. The Headquarter will be in Germany. Germany should have stayed neutral after experiencing two World Wars.

NATO plans to increase its present in eastern Europe. Britain sending fighter jets to the Black Sea and a battalion of troops, tanks and light armour will  be deployed in Estonia in Spring.

They will be backed by French and Danish troops. German plans to send troops and tanks to Lithuania.

US and European Leaders were elected to fulfil the wishes of the voters but when it comes to it they do what they like. Russia would not roll over Europe unless pushed into by a confrontation. Therefore, the military built-up is not the wish of the general public which could lead to another war.  Europeans had more than their full share of it while Americans sat in comfort far from it.

Even so America had not experienced the horrors of war at home but they still would not agree to it if a vote was given to them. After all their sons were deployed and lost their lives while the leaders and the warlords behind them were living in luxury and far from the frontline.

Make no mistake that the leaders decide themselves. Apparently there are 20 warlords operating in the background and behind every leader is a warlord dictating to them.. Accordingly, to some glimpse behind the curtains, now and then, events like crisis, depressions and wars have been decided long before it happened. The reason is big cashing in on it.

What they do with all those trillions of money is every ones guess? Most properly producing even more sophisticated weapons to destroy the world and us.

BBC News

Monday, 2 January 2017


Update 16 Jan., 2017 --
PM May speech of "Equal Society" became a joke when she denied there is such a great NHS crisis that even the Red Cross had to get involved to help out.

Stop pulling wool over our eyes telling the NHS is in deficit because of the ageing population or the health tourists or any other excuses.

It is in deficit since the Tory Government continuously pulling big sums of money out of the NHS. David Cameron had been doing it for years for various flagship which never resulted into any improvement but bound not to have put the money back again.

In 2012 Tory/LibDem Coalition had axed 5,000 nurses and doctors.  He hired private consultants, his friends,  to deal with it and paid them over £5million. It had a huge impact on the service. Then they had the bright idea to plug the hole with agency staff which costs three times as much. Somebody in the background must have made a huge amount of money at the cost of the NHS.

Furthermore, they sold  over 200 contracts which had a further massive impact on the NHS.

Now again Richard Branson, one of the blue-eyed boys of the Tories, bought another 200 contracts. Richard Branson has a legendary name for his badly and costly run train service but he was given another 200 NHS contracts. It is doubtful that he and the other contractors will give the same quality service as the NHS staff. Contractors are after most profit and therefore run it on a minimum staff, low qualifications and therefore lower paid. It is an open secret.

Another fine example what swindles are going on to bring the NHS to it breaking point is the salaries of chief executives. There are over 50 chief executives who earn over £500,000 per year plus benefits. Are the top surgeons earning that much? These people studied for years and highly qualified not like some jumped-up chief executive. The did not even give the nurses a 1 per cent pay rise.

A recent scandal was leaked that Katherine Percy, Chief Executive, was sacked and given a £190,000 golden handshake despite of her walking into another job as a special advisory in the NHS earning a £240,000 plus benefit package. How many other cases like that which the public did not hear about, but bound to bring the NHS into a financial crisis?

These are the real reasons which are bringing the NHS down.

David Cameron promised, in his last General Election campaign, to fund the NHS with £8billion a year. If he kept his word the NHS would not be in a financial crisis but as usual David Cameron never keeps his word. He also sold the NHS for £780million. Has the money gone into the NHS? I personally doubt it and so do many others.

Tories are determined to break the NHS and it is a miracle it has not happened yet with the pressure put on it. It is only due to the dedicated staff that it survived so far.

As the recently released paper showed Margaret Thatcher already planned to demolish the NHS and the Welfare state purely for the reason because it was established by Labour. Apparently, the Cabinet, who were all her most faithful, went into revolt. She shelved it but never forgot it. She must have left it for Cameron as her last will and legacy.

It also shows how the morals and principals in the Tory’s Cabinet have deteriorated. Today, none of the bats an eyelid seeing the NHS constantly and insistently being broken up, bit by bit, to achieve the final death of the NHS.

The real reason behind is to feather the nest of private insurers which then feather the nest of shareholders, guess who.

The result is that ordinary people will struggle to pay the high fees, and it will be when they got the monopoly, like in America and most go without it living in constant fear of illness and death.

Today, working people paying high amounts of National Insurance fees and the question remains where does the money go?  There is the NHS in deficit and the pension pot is empty. It is apparent, from the few samples mentioned above, that the money is squandered to serve the purpose to break up the NHS and the Welfare State.

It is so obvious because in the last budget the NHS and Welfare was never mentioned.

Monday, 26 December 2016


More cuts are planned for the NHS which would lead to longer queues for treatment. At the moment the waiting list is 18 weeks or longer and according to data it has increased by 40 per cent in a year.

October 2015 it shows a 293, 904 people were on the waiting list after being referred to a hospital for treatment. The rapid increase shows in this October, 2016 with a 360,266 people on the waiting list for 18 weeks.

 In October, 2014 it was a 169,907 people.

Only these few figures show and prove the decline of the NHS service and it is done purposely. By now nobody can tell the public otherwise.

It also shows the false promises and lies which were given at General Elections and ever since for improvement of waiting lists

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt vowed to tackle the high number of 12-months waiting in 2014 but experts said the crisis is the worst in living memories.

The public is fully aware of it and it is high time Jeremy Hunt, PM May and Chancellor Philip Hammond stop blind-folding them. They only lose the trust of the public even more.

In one week alone, ending December 18, the Ambulance and Emergency departments (A&E) had to deal with 374,268 cases. It was an increase of 10 per cent for the same time last year.

NHS asks, since the Christmas and  New Year period will be ahead to try and avoid to go to the A&E to lessen the waiting time and their workload. They advised to contact their GP or NHS emergency phone line 111 for advice or pharmacies.

Today the working people are paying a very high National Insurance contribution and only a small number need hospital treatment and it is therefore hard to understand that the NHS is in a financial crisis.

It would be interesting to know where those billions of pounds from  National Insurance Contributions really go to.

It is also hard to accept that the Government axed over 5,000 nurses and then employed agency staff to replace it. Everyone knows that agency staff cost three times as much as permanent staff plus adding the millions of pounds of redundancy money makes it look like a lunatic plan.

Or was there a method of the madness to feather some friend’s agency and at the same time to increase the NHS financial crisis? Looking at it like that it makes more sense for the Government but a great loss for the general public.