Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Cameron and May spoke several times of stopping tax dodging, guess when they had no other subject to speak about.  They proved their sincerity when they sacked 11,000 HMRC staff and plan another 8,000.

Apparent the tax dodgers move their money around a complicated net so tight even Einstein would have a job to follow. Therefore, the HMRC could have done with 19,000 staff and more to follow their movements and catch them for prosecution.

A new scandal exploded in Parliament when the so called “Paradise Papers” data was revealed.

No doubt, it will end up like the Panama papers that everyone in Government swears their innocence and being Tories, standing together.

So far, although it already died as headlines in major newspapers, but three actors were named because they invested £2million. The came happen last time with the Panama Papers that some known people in show-business or other had been prosecuted but no Politian.  

In Iceland when their government was found out they were involved they sacked their PM and several other important persons. Other countries done the same but not UK. Even Cameron, PM at that time, sworn innocence.

Tax expert Andrew Smith already stated on BBC that criminal prosecution will not happen against Appleby which is the centre of the scandal.

“Appleby advice has gone no further than tax avoidance, we shouldn’t expect to see any prosecution in the UK arising from this data leak. The new criminal offences rolled out by HMRC – such as failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion – are not retroactive, but even if they were, nothing has been disclosed so far which suggests they would criminalise what has happened here.”

Andrew Smith, Partner, Corker Binning

In other words, no matter how many more papers from tax havens are leaked PM May and her Government will not take the information to stop the tax dodgers. There are too many of her friends involved and she would be out of the door.

The loophole is so big that Tax avoidance is legal, but Tax evasion is not.

Another point, which is incredible, that these big boys spent rather huge sums of money on accountants instead paying at least some of their tax.
It doesn't make any difference
to the children but as long
Tories can show a reduced data 

In the people’s opinion it is still wrong; and the country loses hundreds of billions of pounds which would pay for the NHS, schools, relief poverty, homelessness. If they would only bring back a third of the money sitting in tax havens it would also wipe out or drastically reduce the deficit of almost £2trillion.

But as long as the Tories are in power nothing will happen. The only hope people have is that either May resigns, and the Government crushes and Labour comes into power.

Even if May resigns there will only be another power-hungry Tory come into place and it won’t make any difference; it could be even worse. 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

SEX-PESTS IN WESTMINSTER update 2 Nov., 2017

Update 2 Nov., 2017 -- The ex chief whip who constantly knew about the Sex-Pests but did nothing, incl Cameron and May, has been promoted to MoD Secr. He has a nickname "babyface assassin" regarding MPs. What will he do in such a powerful position as MoD Secre especially when the world is already threatened with war - nuclear war. Tread to think!!!

A scandal opened up about sex-pests in Westminster.

Female staff using secret Whats-App to warn others and newcomers.

Names include Cabinet minister, front benchers, peers, aides and other MPs from Tories and Labour.

According to The Sun names of the worst offenders are well known and many are old suspects “but recently were names of younger ones”.

Although it is The Sun which has the worst press reputation but at the same time for once it might have a point. Over the last decades there were too many scandals about a VIP ring in Westminster and therefore it is quite plausible.

The female staff also pointed out that it had been going on for years and they now protect each other.

It was also mentioned that So-and-so is hiring, but it can’t be a woman for him.

Apparently, it happens in lifts, grouping during drinks parties, and some MPs having sex with staff in Parliament offices. Remarks are thrown about “sugar t..s” and demands for affairs.

It all brings back the limelight onto a previous mentioned of a VIP sex-ring in Westminster and Historical Child Abuse scandals by politicians.

May as a Home Secretary and now as a PM and ex-PM Cameron have tried desperately to sweep it under the carpet by stretching out the process an investigation to put into Court.

The investigation for at least 10 years the Historical Child Abuse had been going on without any result. There were even denials of MPs had been involved and when they died, suddenly, it was discovered they were guilty of many cases. As if they didn’t know it before.

The worst cover-ups were MP Smith, Savile and MP Janner to name just a few. When they died, especially Jimmy Savile, everybody knew. They must have known a secret scandal to protect themselves and nobody dared toughing them.

At the same time, celebrities and the group of Rochdale has been brought into Court in no time.

It also brings to my mind, that a few years ago a young politician spilled the beans stating that he was told unless he/she obliges her/his career would be short.
A report of a paedophile ring in Westminster only a few years ago during ex-PM Cameron reign which also was squashed. 

There are too many reports for not being true.

What is the real reason for such a big cover-up?

What is the person, who has the power to lift the lid, setting off an explosion, afraid off? Are they too many involved and it would collapse like a house of card or life threatening or financial ruins?

Regarding the prevention of a court case of the Historical Child Abuse is anyone concerned about the victims whose life was destroyed and have to live with it? Apparently not.

While they stand back and ignore it young lives are still getting destroyed.


Tuesday, 5 September 2017



Update 23 Oct., 2017 -- BBC News announced that the cost of drinks in Parliament have trebled since 2014. It costs the taxpayers £1,8mill a year.

No austerity there !!!!

All in all it has gone even more one-sided. Everything gets done for the fatcats and the people get squeezed more and more.  

A few years ago one of the MPs let slip that a great number of MPs are so drunk by the afternoon that they do not know what they are voting for. Judging by the great amount it must have even increased in the meantime. 

Is that what they are there for???

Update 3 Oct., 2017 --
£15m and it will be most probably doubled - a museum to mark Margaret Thatcher's legacy - as if people have not got enough legacies of Thatcher. Her destroyed mines, ship buildings, shipyards, etc destroying whole communities and cities. She was not the greatest PM - she was the worst and people still suffer from it.

Thatcher's legacy was passed on to Cameron and now to May. No need for museum.
£149m on Theresa May's snap election

£1.5bn to DUP for a coalition with the Tories

£40m spent on Court case to fight blocking Tories benefit payment cuts

£21bn for private consultants to tell how to make £26bn NHS cuts which is the       biggest lunacy.

£130m spent by National Citizen Service for youth volunteering scheme. A full-time programme plus 30 hrs of community volunteering.

£2m on TV advert campaign to get thousands to sign up – the result was 140 for the Army.

£30m from Foreign Aid Budget was given on insurance premiums over the next four years for disasters.

£13bn and increasing for the Foreign Aid Budget annually.

5,000 sick and disabled benefit claimants sanctioned for six months – what do they think they live on?

800 disabled adapted cars get pulled off the road every month while PM May uses private jets

£4m a year for Westminster food and drinks – while ordinary people made to starve because of Welfare cuts

£100m NHS in England pays to recruitments agencies to recruit foreign GPs – fattening their rich friends’ agencies

£153m a year is the cost to sanction Benefits – does that make sense PM May and great Chancellor Philip Hammond?

£2bn a year paid to Atos and no Tax paid

£2.5bn a year tax money to rotten landlords renting out homes which don’t meet basic health and safety standards and in a unbelievable state.

Housing benefit paid to private landlord has doubled in 10 years from £3.7bn to £8.8bn and will increase to £9.4bn by 2021-22

£240bn is the cost of the austerity plan of Osborne

£11bn to top up low wages paid by UK companies and what happened to the money? Will it be passed on to the workers?

£400,000 a year for Westminster taxis to ferry red boxes containing the ministers’ paperwork – no passengers – only the red box

£36bn a year loss to the treasury due to Theresa May’s tax loopholes.

£500,000 for every bombing mission in Syria which has nothing to do with the UK. The first voting MPs refused and it was discovered that Cameron used the RAF on the quiet despite of. The second voting, Cameron cornered Corbyn to allow MPs a free vote. 66 Labour MPs voted for it and gave Cameron the majority to go ahead.

UK would not have the terrorists’ threat and attacks if it stayed out of it. Tories always back up USA, including Tony Blair pretending to be Labour but a Thatcherite. Harold Wilson, Labour exPM, was the only one said NO and it was the Vietnam war

To be sure it is only a fraction of taxpayers’ money used and wasted.


Monday, 17 July 2017


Would Philip Hammond call it overpaid? No, not a whisper and none in newspapers with big headlines on the frontpage; only a very small report in the Daily Mirror Finance section.

An axed boss, Richard Howson, of giant construction Carillion receive £3.500 a day including pay and perks. He signed a contract to receive £660,000 salary and £231,000 pension contribution and £28,000 of ‘benefits’ for 12 months.

Carillion hit a crisis when £580million has been wiped off their stock market value. 

Carillion covered Richard Howson’s bonanza with his staying for up to a year “supporting the transition” to the new boss. Since the new boss will receive the equivalent or more it means huge sums, mainly unearned, of taxpayers’ money will be handed over to two executives.

Yes, taxpayers’ money because make no mistake it will be enclosed in the sum the government will pay the contractor.
To rescue the stricken company will a problem of a hole of missing £587m pension fund. It seems a new method of pension fund vanishing when the company is in trouble which should never be touched because it is the workers' money.
It happens in too many big corporation and is theft in broad daylight.

Sunday, 16 July 2017


It wouldn't be a surprise if it is still mixed in with beef or instead but labelled beef in the UK. We have not heard of any prosecution or another check-up!
At long last and congratulation to the Spanish-led police which managed to discover the boss behind the criminal horse meat racket.

Police in Spain arrested 65 people for crimes which covers animal abuse, forgery, money laundering and racketeering.

Horses in Portugal and Spain were the meat was declared as unfit for human consumption; documents and microchips were changed and the meat was classified as edible.

The original scandal was first discovered in the Republic of Ireland in 2013 but the top man of the operation was not to be found. The horse meat was used instead of beef and labelled as beef. 

The police discovered a Dutch ‘businessman’ in Belgium is in control of the illegal trade.

The Spanish Police worked with their colleagues in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and the UK.

The Dutchman, not named yet, controlled the crime ring from Calpe in Alicante through his most close men operating in every country according to the Europol.

At the discovery, police raided slaughterhouses in Alicante and Leon, blocking or seizing bank accounts and confiscated properties and luxurious cars.

Further charges had been added of perverting the course of justice and committing crimes against public health.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


…and it is what you call “Equal Society”.

Chief executive Alistair Phillips-Davies received £2.9million in pay and perks in 2016. The salary was £840,000, as if that is not enough paid, £502,000 towards his pension and £1.5million in bonuses. How can a man be paid almost twice as much of his salary in bonuses? Apart from squeezing consumers to death what else did he do to deserve such a bonus?

He is not the only golden boy. At the head of every major company sits a chief executive being paid over the odds while people freeze to death. Have got any conscious at all? Are they human?

His payment increased from £1.7million the previous year and has increased his earnings since 2014 to £9million.

The massive increase came three months after the company increased their tariffs between 14.9 per cent and some areas 20 per cent.

Receiving such sky-high and undeservedly payments how does he feel that families are so hard up now they have to choose between heating the home or buying food? Doubtfully he does not think about it.

His big pay-packet came after the Tories and Labour pledged to cap souring energy prices during the election. Yes, another Tory’s pledge which was never kept although newspapers had big headlines and people begged Cameron to stop it. Nothing was done ever since even there was a new Prime Minister.

The main problem lies with the Tories’ privatisation. Of course, they are laughing all the bank because receive huge dividends and let the six  big energy suppliers carry on.

During the winter 2014/15, even so it was a mild winter, 40,000 people died of hypothermia, mostly old people.

Yes, this is a report about the golden boys and girls who should be ashamed to let something like that happened in a seventh richest country of the world.

PM May showed again her total disregard towards the people in the Grenfell Tower’s tragedy.

How much longer have people to endure unnecessary hardship before May and the Tories go?  How much longer?

Now, Theresa May let the £12billion Welfare cut start on 1 April, 2017 which is on top of desperately struggling people.  2,500 people committed already suicide because they could not cope anymore and today News spoke of a 42 years old disabled mother of nine children committed suicide because her benefits were stopped.

There will be more suicides now when the impact of £12billion Welfare savings come into force.

How the May and her Government can have so much disregards leaves any one speechless.

Sunday, 18 June 2017


As if it is not enough that agencies are creaming off the NHS for supplying nursing staff and doctors now a private company receiving tens of millions a year to ease the bed blocking crisis.  It is no wonder the NHS is in a financial crisis and it is done purposely to speed up privatisation.

The reason is, again, the Government’s massive cuts to social care.

When patients are ready to leave the hospital, there is nowhere for them to go to. The hospital is in desperate need for free beds and therefore NHS has to send patients to private hospitals or private care homes.

The NHS Partners Network reports that beds are reserved in private hospitals for patients from an NHS hospital. It began as an emergency arrangement and then developed into a permanent arrangement.

So far, there is a 110 per cent rise since 2010, for patients needing a place in nursing homes. This put a bill of tens of millions a year on the NHS which could have been easily avoided if the Government would not have been cutting social services.

But of course, the Department of Health would have a counter argument: “We’re investing £2billion in social care to ensure those in old age get the dignified care they deserve.”

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: “Theresa May’s utter failure to get a grip on the ongoing crisis facing our health and care system.

“Shifting the burden on the private sector at extortionate cost is not in the long-term interest of NHS finance or patient welfare.”

No, but it is in the interest of the fatcats who are there waiting for the NHS to be privatised and the Government is determined to do.