Tuesday, 20 June 2017


…and it is what you call “Equal Society”.

Chief executive Alistair Phillips-Davies received £2.9million in pay and perks in 2016. The salary was £840,000, as if that is not enough paid, £502,000 towards his pension and £1.5million in bonuses. How can a man be paid almost twice as much of his salary in bonuses? Apart from squeezing consumers to death what else did he do to deserve such a bonus?

He is not the only golden boy. At the head of every major company sits a chief executive being paid over the odds.

His payment increased from £1.7million the previous year and has increased his earnings since 2014 to £9million.

The massive increase came three months after the company increased their tariffs between 14.9 per cent and some areas 20 per cent.

Receiving such sky-high and undeservedly payments how does he feel that families are so hard up now they have to choose between heating the home or buying food? Doubtfully he does not think about it.

His big pay-packet came after the Tories and Labour pledged to cap souring energy prices during the election. Yes, another Tory’s pledge which was never kept although newspapers had big headlines and people begged Cameron to stop it. Nothing was done ever since even there was a new Prime Minister.

The main problem lies with the Tories’ privatisation. Of course, they are laughing all the bank because receive huge dividends and let the six  big energy suppliers carry on.

During the winter 2014/15, even so it was a mild winter, 40,000 people died of hypothermia, mostly old people.

Yes, this is a report about the golden boys and girls who should be ashamed to let something like that happened in a seventh richest country of the world.

PM May showed again her total disregard towards the people in the Grenfell Tower’s tragedy.

How much longer have people to endure unnecessary hardship before May and the Tories go?  How much longer?

Now, Theresa May let the £12billion Welfare cut start on 1 April, 2017 which is on top of desperately struggling people.  2,500 people committed already suicide because they could not cope anymore and today News spoke of a 42 years old disabled mother of nine children committed suicide because her benefits were stopped.

There will be more suicides now when the impact of £12billion Welfare savings come into force.

How the May and her Government can have so much disregards leaves any one speechless.

Sunday, 18 June 2017


As if it is not enough that agencies are creaming off the NHS for supplying nursing staff and doctors now a private company receiving tens of millions a year to ease the bed blocking crisis.  It is no wonder the NHS is in a financial crisis and it is done purposely to speed up privatisation.

The reason is, again, the Government’s massive cuts to social care.

When patients are ready to leave the hospital, there is nowhere for them to go to. The hospital is in desperate need for free beds and therefore NHS has to send patients to private hospitals or private care homes.

The NHS Partners Network reports that beds are reserved in private hospitals for patients from an NHS hospital. It began as an emergency arrangement and then developed into a permanent arrangement.

So far, there is a 110 per cent rise since 2010, for patients needing a place in nursing homes. This put a bill of tens of millions a year on the NHS which could have been easily avoided if the Government would not have been cutting social services.

But of course, the Department of Health would have a counter argument: “We’re investing £2billion in social care to ensure those in old age get the dignified care they deserve.”

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: “Theresa May’s utter failure to get a grip on the ongoing crisis facing our health and care system.

“Shifting the burden on the private sector at extortionate cost is not in the long-term interest of NHS finance or patient welfare.”

No, but it is in the interest of the fatcats who are there waiting for the NHS to be privatised and the Government is determined to do.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Harley Wall Ltd, a subsidiary of Rydon, done some of cladding on the tower block. They avoided £2.5million tax before it went bankrupt in August, 2016.

It has been well known for decades that Tories always penny pinching when it comes to spend on housing or NHS or schools for the poor. Not to mention the endless cuts.

However, as Jeremy Corbyn said: There is no saving without paying the price” which is very true.

The Tories allowed Rydon Construction to install the cheaper version of cladding instead an extra £2 per sqm which would be fireproof. If that is not a crime, what is? They should prosecuted but as usual the sentence would be handed down to the second or third person, never the real guilty one on the top.

Rydon is registered in Jersey and therefore a tax avoider.

Since 1988 Building Research Establishment reported concern about fire spreading.

Not only that but 1991 flames rapidly spread over the 11-storey Knowsley Height block in Liverpool and it was due to the thermal insulation added.

1999 a 13-storey block was on fire through the cladding in Irvine, Ayrshire.

In 2000 a report by MPs said: “We do not believe it should take a fire in which many are killed before all reasonable steps are taken towards minimising the risks.”

2009 fire broke out and spread rapidly at Lakanal House in Camberwell, South London and cost the lives of three women and three children.

Gladding was the reason in a 2010 fire which killed 58 people in Shanghai and 17 died in Melbourne Australia.  

If that doesn’t give you more than one warning, nothing will. Besides, it was reported that former housing minister Gavin Barwell, now promoted to Mrs May’s chief-of-staff, sat on reports of Lakanal House and a four-years-old report without taking any action.

So far, the death toll at Grenfell tower is 52 but it is assumed that it will be into hundred or more.

It has not been made quite clear and honest how many building had been cladded with it. The public is very angry and call for the resignation of Mrs May. They also demand a full account how many building there are covered with this dangerous material and to be removed immediately.  

So far, Mrs May does not show any inclination to resign and most probably hopes it will blow over as it is the usual Tory fashion, with that they usually won. Did they not realise that the attitude of the public changed? They are aware of their rights more than ever and are more demanding.

Mr Corby gave the public a lot of confidence in showing that with honesty, principles and respect can much be achieved. He also showed them that there can be a better future and the poor have a right to demand it.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


After all the horror they went through and some don’t know what happened to the rest of their family or friends, they are now made to sleep on thin covers on the floor.

If that isn’t added insult to injuries, what is?

The Government and especially Kensington, which is the richest borough, should have made sure the victims receive the best they can get.

It is another disgrace. How dare they treat people, who lost everything but their live, like that?

It had been days now since the night of horror and nothing had been done by the Government to improve their living condition. All there is, obviously, are bedding and clothes given by the people as best as they could. There should have been at least mattresses and nice thick duvets provided by the Government to give some comfort. Surely it could have been done within an hour.

‘PM May and her MPs’ should be made to sleep on the floor on a thin duvet to make them realise what they are doing to these unfortunate people. If they did they would end up in their private hospital to cure all their aches and pains.

PM May did not even talk to the people but just to the fire fighters and that, to be sure, in a very secluded and secured area as usual. “Strong and Stable” ???? During her election campaign and now, she is making a mockery of her own words.

Her glory-boy Boris Johnson told the Shadow Minister to get stuffed when too hard a question was put to him. Cameron criticised publicly Jeremy Corbyn for his clothing but never did it to Boris Johnson who could do with some improvement especially since he represents UK as a Foreign Secretary. Nothing to be proud off; for his manners as well as appearances.

He apologised afterwards but it is too late because the words will stick in people’s mind. He said it slipped out, which might be, but the thought and attitude was and is there.

PM May ordered an inquiry and Scotland Yard started it. However, Tories adding a further insult that they blame the residents. How could they????
How can anybody be so mean and ruthless???  

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Every time they are in power they do the same thing of cutting everything back to the bone and feathering their own nest.

Yesterday in the TV programme of a seven parties debate Theresa May could afford not to attend in a vital General Election campaign. Her excuse was that she wanted to listen to people.

First, the Tories, including Theresa May, never listen to people otherwise they would not be in such a state. Secondly, it is Jeremy Corbyn touring the country for weeks listening to people and takes notice.

Amber Rudd who stood in for Theresa May stated so many white-washes that the studio was gleaming so much it hurts your eyes.

One, which stood out was that her party put in safety nets for people not to fall completely into the bottom of despair. Why did 2,500 disabled people commit suicide because they could not see any other way out? Why did 40,000, mainly old age pensioners, die of hyperthermia because Cameron did nothing to curb the constant, heavily increase of gas and electricity? They did not dare switch on heating sufficiently because they could not afford the bills any more.

On top of all the evidence PM May cut the Winter Fuel payments for pensioners and added another £12billion Welfare cuts which was budgeted by George Osborne last year.

As Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders rightly pointed out the Tories created, for three to five million, foodbanks, poverty, homelessness, disabled people left without financial support or hardly any, in other words where is the safety net?

The best fact is that despite of all cuts, austerity and so-called saving to reduce the deficit; the deficit risen to almost £2trillion from £1trillion during their reign and is the highest for 67 years.

There has obviously been greatest money shuffling going on since they took over but where to. One point we know of is that the Tories created the biggest Rich List in the World. Even the Sunday Time which is always on their side was shocked when they established this year’s Rich List as they do every year.

The other point, a great increase of Tax Avoidance has been supported by the Tories despite of their forever giving big speeches of planning a crack-down. The tax havens are mostly British Isles and it has been estimated that by now it reached £90trillion.

Retrieving just a third would bring down the massive deficit and NHS, schools and Welfare would not be in such financial state plus the fatcats have still enough left to sit on.

To summon-up just these few points which surely make more sense than the Tories constantly trying to blindfold themselves and us. It makes you ask again why do they carry on like that?

Today, people are far more informed and do not swallow all those white-washes and avoidance of answering questions but they still carry on doing the same thing.

The only explanation one can think of is that they couldn’t care less about the people, their opinion and the country and carry on regardless because it is financially highly lucrative.   

Friday, 12 May 2017


The reason of writing this blog was to point out another failure of Tories' contractors and after so many failures before they still contracting out wasting public money but bound to be for their gain. 

In March Veolia was handed the contract of rubbish collecting in Sutton to save £10million, it was thought. But all these contractors are only after to make big profit Veolia seems to be no difference.

When will the Tory Government ever learn; or is there more to it what is not known to the public about still contracting out. After all there has now been too many occasions where contractors are failing and even committing fraud and at the end costing hundreds of millions of pounds which proves no savings at all.

Now in Sutton south-west London the rubbish had not be collected in some areas or from blogs of flats since March. By now it is piling high and the rats having a field day.

Council bosses shrugging their shoulders and blaming Veolia.

Veolia stated that these addresses are not on their list, in other words, it the Council’s fault.

People tried to contact the Council and even Veolia but they either get not reply or can’t get through by phone and the website did not reply.

The rubbish piles are getting out of hands and where they are piling up there is also fly-tipping added to it with even mattresses and fridges.

People and Mr Johnson are scared it will attract arsonists.

Community campaigner Richard Johnson, 46, said: “The rubbish hasn’t been touched since March – there’s been no collection of anything for weeks.”

A spokesman for Veolia said: “We are working hard with Sutton Council to complete transition to the new waste and recycling service as quickly as possible.”

Well, with all consideration of the transit, but the situation exists since March and it does not show Veolia is working hard. This situation should never come to such an extent that rubbish is piled high and according to Mr Johnson a reminder of the Winter of Discontent where rubbish was piled up high along streets in 1978.

Saturday, 6 May 2017


Its not propaganda Its facts
Voters think when you choose Tories.  
It is not so long ago when children were lucky to survive past five years of age. Having to live in slums in Victorian times a high death rate in children was not uncommon. Victorian times, when Britain was the biggest Empire and Britain the richest country.

However, most of the ordinary people lived in appalling living conditions where rats, mice, lice, cockroaches and bugs outnumbered the residents. It was not uncommon for eight or ten people (parents and children) living in one room, sleeping and cooking there.

Illnesses ravaged through the communities; many parents died before they were 40 and left the children orphans. There were poor houses established but they were more horror houses then sanctuaries, mortality was high.

Now in the 21st century and the UK is still sixth richest country in the world a report was published by Buttle UK revealed that 400,000 children in poverty have not their own bed. They sleep with their parents, brothers or sisters, on sofas or even on the floor. This is nothing but a disgrace for the Tories but since they ignore starvation, homelessness and disabled people of which some are of the 2,300 committed suicides because of it, they obviously are not concerned since they heaped another £12billion cuts on the very same people.

By the looks of it nothing has changed since the Victorian Times in the Tory’s mentality. The present Tory Government created the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world.

In the last seven years, the poor and deprived have hundredfold. First, Tories introduced Austerity and Welfare cuts and people were already struggling. Then came the increase in energy tariffs every winter by 10 per cent in the last four years. Disability Benefits were cut and if disabled people were not at the appointed time for an interview their benefit was cut completely, even if it was only five or ten minutes late.

Rising food prices were also announced plus further energy price increases. NHS had been cut to ribbons and is on its last leg. Schools Funds been cut and teachers thinking of either striking or cutting the schools’ hours to four-and-half-days a week.

In Winter 2015/16 a record of 40,000 people died of hypothermia, mostly pensioners because they didn’t dare put on the heater or high enough.

Treading to think of the impact, when it comes, from the further £12billion welfare cut. There will be more suicides because people just do not see any way out. More children will be living in poverty and homeless. Soon, most of the working people will be living more on Food Banks because their earnings will not be enough to pay the bills, buy clothing and buy food.

The result of the impact is too scary even to think about it.  

Daily Mirror