Sunday, 16 April 2017



First the NHS was financially deprived and is now on virtually collapse all in aid of privatisation; now school funds are being squeezed to point that parents having to pay for lessons and books.

Working Parents who have been struggling already for a decade and had to make choices between heating the home or buying food. It has become that bad in the 21st century UK which is the sixth richest country in the world with biggest list of millionaires and billionaires all created in the last 15 years.

As the saying goes “The devil looks after his own disciples” and it never was more true than at the Tory’s governments. How PM May could stand up and speak of her wanting to create an “Equal Society” makes your brain spin.

Soaring costs and cut funding forces schools to ask parents to choose and what subjects their children study.

There are already statements like this:

“My children were unable to do cooking as too expensive with their other choices.”

“We have not allowed them to do music at school as they need to provide their own instruments.”

“As part of PTFA, we raise over £10K a year; even that isn’t enough to cover the new curriculum requirements.”

“Reduced school budgets have increased class sizes. Reduced the range of trips, and have increased the amount we pay for materials.”

Daily Mirror already sent a warning before that many state schools are forced to ask for payment from parents such as donations of £20 a month or more.

Over 50 per cent claimed the school had requested financial contributions.

One in 20 told how the cost of equipment affected what subjects their child chose, potentially missing IT and technology courses.

 Chris Keates, NASUWT’s general secretary said: “The Government ‘s introduction of policies which allow schools to charge for provisions has resulted in substantial financial pressures being placed on parents and carers.

“It is unacceptable that the curriculum options for young people are being determined by whether their parents can pay for books equipment or field trips.

“Some of these practices may also be unlawful.”

Are the schools on their way of endless contractors which sucking more money out and are the schools, eventually, already earmarked for privatisation like the NHS?

Yet there were £150m available for setting up Grammar Schools which are known to be only for the better-of. How does PM May or Department of Education explain that?

Well Margaret Thatcher was already planning to cut the Welfare State but was stopped by her horrified Cabinet Ministers. This will not happen today with PM May “Yes” men and Margaret Thatcher will be hopping in her grave for joy that her evil, destructive will, will be done.

The only way to stop them is the public by Voting Labour in the Council Election because the more Labour MPs the more opposition and the Blairites and Thatcherites who are in Labour causing constant troubles should be for once courageous and move over to the Tories.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Shocking evidence of USA's aggression but constantly pointing at Russia and other countries.

Why does Rex Tillerson not demand and persuade the USA Government to end the war in Syria. If they pull out the rest would and Assad's army is capable to destroy IS and the rebels.

Of all the thick nerves in history the USA has the thickest.

They demand Russia to distance themselves from Syria’s President Assad. They call Mr Assad a war criminal and want him to be arrested and taken to the International court in The Hague to be tried.

This message was taken directly to Russia’ President Vladimir Putin by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Has the USA forgotten that their ex-President George Bush could also be a war criminal and should be tried at The Hague? He created two illegal wars at Afghanistan and Iraq where over one million people died.
USA started to bomb Syria with the excuse to wipe out the IS but not the 'moderate rebels' who are on the USA's side. Are they really on their side or they just after support and weapons which might be handed over to the IS? USA started a civil war six years ago and Russia only came in three years ago to support Mr Assad. So who is the aggressor? USA got their back up because Russia bombed rebels as well as IS.

We had the same situation before when a chemical bomb was dropped in Syria. Ex-US Secretary of State John Kerry never stopped shooting his mouth off that it was Assad’s army. He also kept insisting that 1,400 people died while Doctors Without Borders who were there stated it was around 500 people who died. Who could you believe more?

UN sent top experts there to investigate the evidence. The report was never published. Now the point is if it were Assad’s army the USA would have demanded for the report to be published.

PM May is none-the-wiser when she congratulated Donald Trump on his missiles mission of 59 Tomahawk being fired into Syria. One was reported to have been misfired and went into a village.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson cancelled a meeting with Russia Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov. It was very undiplomatic. Mr Lavrov saved the world from a war the last time. Mr Kerry was pushing so hard to start an offensive and everybody held its breath. Mr Lavrov suggested, in the last minute, for Mr Assad to hand over all his chemical weapons to Russia to be destroyed. Mr Assad agreed and the world was saved.

Mr Johnson also demanded further sanctions on Russian but was out-voted. These two incidents did nothing for the UK, PM May and Mr Johnson to look good or Donald Trump. They should have waited until the facts were established and then voice their opinion and demands.

A theory goes around that IS had chemical weapons of which nobody knew anything about it and in a bombing raid it hit the depot. It sounds plausible.

The problem is that USA is hell bend to get Mr Assad out at all cost. The chemical bomb was just a good reason for them to put oil into the fire again.  However, it would be wise if the USA would wait till the UN top inspectors are investigate the evidence and establish the facts.

Another point is that the USA labels anyone as a dictator right through the Middle East when USA decides to invade. So far, they stayed clear of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel. Apparently in USA’s opinion they are not dictators which makes you wonder.

Especially Israel which systematically kill, imprison people and very young children mostly young boys, in the middle of the night and confiscate the Palestinian’s land. USA and UK do not raise one objection no matter what they do to these people.

Yet, Israel should be the most peaceful country after what they went through with the Holocaust. Why are they doing the same to the Palestinians?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Londoner Nasir Khan did not pay £14million VAT which was due on the £250million business scam where he was part of it. The court was told that is was money which should have been paid for hospitals or schools but was transferred into pockets of dishonest people.

To have lost £14million which was due to hospitals or schools has another great impact on today’s NHS or schools’ financial crisis. After all NHS has been brought down with various ‘unsuccessful’ schemes and hundreds of contractors who only care to get top profits out of it.

Mr Khan was jailed in 2011 for eight years and supposed to have paid back £14million in VAT.

Mr Khan lived a life of an international playboy. He bought luxurious properties in Chelsea, Putney, Gibraltar, Spain, a yacht, Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Bentley.

Tax officials were determined to confiscate and retrieve most of the taxpayers’ money and the deal was agreed at High Court and a second at Southwark crown court, London. But both hearings were not published on the court case list with dates which meant they were private hearings and press or public were unable to hear the justification from the Crown Prosecution Service to let him off.

Apparently, he was too poor to repay a single penny. A not only ridiculous but ludicrous statement. How dare they give this to the public. £14million could have saved the NHS.

This sort of situation happened too often and always, surprise, surprise, at the expense of taxpayer’s cost.

There is also the missing pensions fund of the steel workers of £500million which is never mentioned again. It was taken, allegedly, by Tata, an Indian company which bought Steel Works from the Government when they were privatised.

Mr Philip Green not only let BHS stores go bankrupt with the loss of over 1000 jobs but also took the pensions fund of over £500million. He too has a string of luxurious properties, cars and 3 or 4 yachts which could have been confiscated to retrieve the money. MPs voted on to take off his knighthood but so far nothing happened. Only lately, under pressure, he agreed to pay back £370million. Not only, we have to hope, it will be done but why not the full amount. He has no right to. It is the people’s money.

These are only three examples where taxpayers’ money vanished

There is an almost endless string of mismanagement by the exPM Cameron and present PM May’s Government which brings the NHS, schools and Social Service to a standstill like in Thatcher’s time.

The impact of the new cuts of Councils, housing benefits, child entitlement and especially on Disability Benefits from £102 to £73 per week from 1st April, 2017 has still to be seen. Already there are headlines where people in the North and Midlands pointing out that they are left with 50p Housing Benefit for their rents. 

It is a disgrace to PM May yet, at the same time, she granted MPs a rise of £1,000 per year. MPs who get all expenses paid and even add extras. It means an additional £650,000 per year extra to people who are millionaires already and therefore have no hardship. Some have flats given, as grace and favour, and letting them out to each other which enables them to claim for rent. No cuts there.  

For years there is an outcry in the press, even letters from top clergymen to Cameron, the Labour Party and the general public about starvation, food banks and sleeping in the street with no result of reversals.

Now, on top of all the hardship, PM May still let the cuts from ex-Chancellor George Osborne, go ahead. This is sheer cruelty, callousness and cold bloodedness in a country which is the 6th richest. It has the most numbers millionaires and billionaires in the world who move tens of trillions of unpaid taxes into tax haven and the Tory Government never does anything about it.

Especially in areas like the North and Midlands where most of the heavy industry were closed-down by the Tories is hardship at its worst.

National data shows that two families lose their home every hour, three million families living in poverty, 40,000 people died of hypothermia because energy prices increased 10 per cent every last three winters and becoming unaffordable, 2,300 disabled people committed suicide or died of starvation.

If that does not shake you then nothing will. Apparent it did not PM May because she has now added all the new Welfare cuts to it.

It also has a message to people who still vote Tories! Whatever party you follow it is your decision but you cannot call it right and be for them, when the party keeps added unnecessary cuts time and again, resulting in death while squander millions on their friends.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


What is it about the Tories who fill Elites and Foreign companies’ pockets with billions of pounds while trample the poor and disabled to death?

This newly revealed scandal of Foreign owners earning £90billions dividends from UK rail is the latest but not the only one. The consumers already pushed to the limit of facing high railway tickets have now another 10 per cent increase which brings the prices to the highest in Europe.  It had been going on for decades while the Government keeps cutting and cutting benefits; letting NHS and schools go to hell just to line them up for another privatisation.

How the Tories won in the GT2015 is a good question? After all they done to the general public and disabled. It is hard to believe that the majority who struggle to survive and being promised another £12billion Welfare cut plus £18billion council’s cut; the public would vote them in again.

The Italian State rail operator Trenitalia were given the franchise to the c2c train yesterday. Standard Investigation revealed together with German, French and Dutch states they are pocketing a massive £90billion a year dividend while commuters find it hard to cope with the highest prices in Europe.

Govia, owner of the nightmarish service of Southern Rail, as well as London Midlands and Southeastern received £65million from the UK rail operators and almost £23million from that went to the French investor Keolis which majority owned by state rail firm SNCF.

Abello, owned by Holland’s state railway operator pocketed £36million from Anglia  and Scotland franchises between 2014-15.

Germany stated-owned Arriva which owns the London Overground, Chiltern and Cross Country lines received nearly £31million for the same period.

Fenchurch Street c2c service to Essex sold by Britain’s National Express to Trenitalia last month at £72million.

State Investors from Hong Kong have stakes in Crossrail.

Qatar partly owns Heathrow Express shows also interest in UK rail.

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald is fuming about the “bizarre structure of our system that means the only nation state on the planet that can’t be involved in running British railways is our own.”

According to the train union Aslef, when the East Coast was in public hands it returned £1billion to the Treasury plus the prices were not half as high as todays.

What is it about the Tories constantly franchising and contracting out services? It must make some sense in their books but not in ours.

Railways are not the only service, there are hundreds of contractors in the NHS, prisons, Ambulance, fire service and none of them give a full and satisfactory service. The fact is that contractors are only after profit and cut staff to the minimum, plus their wages.

By now the railways are in a shocking state, NHS and schools are in biggest financial crises and in April there will be another £12billion Welfare cut and £18billion council cut. Energy suppliers increase their tariffs by 10 per cent an no objection or stopping from PM May.

Up to 2012 there were 2,500 suicides of disabled people and the latest figure had not been published.  40,000 people died of hyperthermia in winter 2015/6.

In the last seven years there were scandals constantly hitting newspapers’ headlines but the government just turns a blind eye to it and even denies it.

So, where is the sense of the government to franchise or contracting it all out, receiving a shoddy service for high prices and letting the money go to other countries while it is desperately needed here?

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Updated 22 April, 2017 --
All these plans have been shelved (not cancelled make no mistake) since PM May announced a surprised election for 8 June, 2017.

PM May's Equal Society!!!!!

Higher taxes and deeper cuts has been planned since the austerity will last well into 2020s. This was forecast by experts of the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Hopes that austerity and the governmental squeeze would soon end were dashed. Surprise, surprise, the reason is that the Chancellor may (will) not be able to reduce the highest deficit since 67 years.

At least, since the high deficit is being blamed and lately the Brexit it will not be Labour this time who is the whipping boy. The Tories always blame somebody or something else.

The fact is, that PM May and her new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, are none the better than David Cameron and George Osborne.  There is always millions and billions of pounds available with their projects and they spend it like water, never mind the high deficit.

£100billion for Trident

£40billion for HS2 and it will be twice as much at the end

Each bombing mission of Syria costs £500,000

£100million given to Turkey for them to build fighter planes

Serco and G4S earned £700million and both contractors are

not up to the standard.

Concentrix, another contractor dealing with tax avoidance, was crushing out and David Cameron tribled their fees and let them carry on until even the HMRC put a stop to it. It is now brought back into HMRC. What a waste of money.

These are just a few recently emerging scandals.

Regarding the high increase of taxes would that also balance out the reduction of the Corporation tax?

In my opinion, and I sure many people would agree, austerity is not working because the more the Government is reducing the income of people the less they will spend. It already shows, supermarket reducing staff and reducing their outlets. As for smaller shops, they had been closed a long time and it shows in the High Street with rows of boarded-up shops. It also tells on manufacturing which have reduced orders and lay off staff which increases unemployment.
The government announcement of unemployment reduction is unbelievable and the data shows that they create figures of various groups to make-belief unemployment is dropping.

In April there will be George Osborne’s famous £12billion Welfare cuts come into effect and disabled people will lose £30 per week down to £73. It is an awful lot of money when you are already down and rely on Food Banks.

Of course, Mr Osborne would not have the slightest idea what it means. He burned a £50 note in front of a homeless man which tells it all what character he is.

Now it looks like the Tory Government uses its full power to destroy the NHS and Welfare which are already on its knees. Just to privatise it and increase the private insurance’s pockets, including the shareholders. I will be the same situation as in America that people cannot afford the insurance fees and will not be treated.

All the other privatisation and contractors proved that they are only after the profit and give the worst service but the Tory Government will carry on until everything is in ruins as long their pockets are filled.

They know that the Labour Party would kick them out but forestalled it. They causing all the disarray by having quite a number Labour MPs under their influence. It seems that more and more Labour MPs dropping their mask and show their real face.

Why don’t they move to the Tories and help them to destroy the UK and its people. At least they would be honest and not such hypocrites.

It is also said the UKIP are nothing but Tories therefore it goes for them as well.

Sunday, 5 February 2017


PM May Equal Society!!!!

Update 8 Feb., 3017 --
British Gas announced a 9 per cent price rise. Profit already increased by 31 per cent within last 12 months to £574million but PM May will not do anything to stop them or the other energy providers.

The above picture should never happened in the UK being the sixth richest country and in the 21st Century.  There are three million poverty-stricken families have to live like that.

What must the mother or parents feel having to bring up their children like that?

Now, an announcement was made that NPower will increase the prices by nearly 10 per cent which also means that the rest of the big energy suppliers will not stay behind.

NPower made a profit of £67million in the first half of 2016, It seems that it is not enough for shareholders’ and Npower’s greed. It is the price for privatisation introduced by Margaret Thatcher and still going on.

This is now the fourth time of a 10 percent increase every winter and the Tory government just stands by and does nothing. After all they are all their friends and donors and Theresa May trumped about, at the beginning of the year, she will create an “Equal Society”.

Well, there is now a moment where she could prove she meant what she was saying but she won’t.

For the last five years, people are nothing but struggling because of the introduction of austerity. Then came on top of it the constant increase of 10 per cent energy prices every winter. People now have to choose between buying food or heating their homes but the Government does not seem to be concerned and turns a blind eye to it.

The first time, when the 10 per cent increase was announced, people besieged David Cameron to stop it because they just cannot pay the bills, especially the old age pensioners and disabled people. David Cameron did nothing because they were all shareholders and would not get as much as they got.

There are families who lose their homes because they cannot pay the bills anymore; at least 2,500 known cases committed suicide; 40,000 people died of hyperthermia; three million people live in poverty; over 1,000 food bank have been created all due to the Tory Government.

In April, 2017 the new benefit cuts will come into force. Where disabled people will be cut from £102 to £73 while the Elite lives in all the luxury there is.

The Government pays £100million to Turkey; £100billion for Trident;  so far estimated £40billion for HS2; £4million for Parliament’s catering alone and billions and millions of many other projects.

PM May does not want to know what it will do to already starving, homeless people?

Yet she is talking about creating an “Equal Society”; soon after the energy prices increase by 10 per cent the Welfare cuts come into force. It will have a terrible effect on already desperate people.

Saturday, 28 January 2017


It surely does not make sense - UK has nearly £2trillion debt, NHS, schools and welfare are breaking down and yet the Tory Government let the fatcats take tenths of trillions of pounds out of the country. There is and must be a way to at least reduce it, even with all their friendship to the fatcats. 

PM May Equal Society!!! 

Tax avoidance seems to have spiralled out of control even so it never was under control really. It is the Elite who reigns despite ex-PM David Cameron umpteenth promises to cut it down.
He surely knew that it was impossible since most of the tax haven were in the British Isles.  Furthermore, most of the tax avoiders were his and Tory Party’s friend and donors.

Recently even the new PM Theresa May gave a speech in which she promised to bring down the tax avoiders. It is the same situation for her as for David Cameron; tax haven in the British Isles and tax avoiders Tory Party’s friend. So why give big promises and speeches?

These days the public, through Internet, are very well informed and aware of the whole set-up.

Recently it was revealed that the Tax Avoiding has now risen to an unbelievable £70billion a year and is handled by 320 staff of the Treasury. It is like a flea trying to bring down an elephant. Whom is the Tory Government kidding?

A few years ago, when we were given a glimpse of Tax Avoidance’s money stacked away in Tax Haven was £35trillion. It could have doubled by now since the fatcats multiplied.

At the same time, benefit fraud estimated at a £1.2billion are chased by 3,765 Department of Work and Pensions staff.

The Tax Justice Network estimated the gap has increased to £120billion but the staff at HM Revenue and Customs have decreased by 40 per cent during the last 10 years which means during the Tory Government. Hypocrites!!!


Make no mistake, there will be no difference between Cameron and PM May Government otherwise she would have done so during the last few months.

What a difference it would make, if only £10billion of the schemed off taxes were retrieved and spend on NHS and now the schools are in financial crisis.

Those fatcats would not even misses and it would be a miracle to NHS, Disability Benefits and schools.