Sunday, 27 November 2016


Do PM May and her Tories really think we belief she is pressured into cutting free TV licence for over 75 Old Age Pensioners (OAP)? What a twister!!!

It was already mentioned when the worst Chancellor George Osborne and his great friend David Cameron were in power. It was also said they will cancel the free bus pass for pensioners. Most probably PM May will be pressured into it next.

This whole Government stinks to deprive old age pensioners the last few privileges they have. Most or many are housebound or have not got the money since the Welfare cuts and it is their only entertainment or amusement they have. A generation who fought and sacrifices everything to save this country to be treated like that while those
fatcats in the Government get their TV licence free anyway because the very taxpayers foot the bill of their expenses.

It stinks to high heaven the way they treat the people.

We read how ruthless Margaret Thatcher was by revelation of the released files; but she is still reigning on make no mistake.

Not only did she purposely set up the Falkland war by recalling the HMS Endurance which was guarding the Falklands just to win a war and her next election. She did not bat an eyelid that it cost over 800
Argentinians  and British soldiers lives plus many were maimed for live.

There she stood, in front of 10 Downing Street, looking and feeling victoriously. Not a thought given to the families who lost a loved one.

Now we learnt about the secret and ruthless plans of Margaret Thatcher to dismantle the
NHS and the Welfare State. There was an uproar and she shelved but never forgot it. No wonder her glory  boy David Cameron worked hard on it to fulfil her dreams. Now it is PM May turn to finalise it and she will if she is not voted out soon.

If all these evidences are not an eye opener of what the Tories really are, nothing will.

They are a scandal beyond any human understanding.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


It is still the same old story of Conservatives vs Labour  Of course it would be as a matter fact in politics but it is not on when crimes, drugs and paedophiles are involved.

At the moment the front pages of the press is full of police investigate Labour MP Keith Vaz. He is accused of having prostitutes at his flat in London and now even gets investigate for drugs.

Yes, by all means, if he committed these crimes have the police make a full investigation and let him pay for it.  At the same time it has to said that he was very good in his work and it is a real shame.

There was no police investigation when a Lord was snorting cocaine from a prostitute's stomach, nor expulsion from the Lords.

The argument is now, there has been a great number of MP and Lords who have criminal records as far as even had prison sentences but they are still in their position, especially in the House of Lords.
Most of them are from the Tory Party.

Now this is completely wrong and contemptible.

The same situation we find is with the paedophile ring. Not only was it known for decades but the police now accused 78 people in Westminster.

The accusation are as far back as to the Thatcher Government when a file was handed to Mr Brittan and it vanished. It should never happened unless there was an important reason to cover up because it contained too many important names.

My point I am making now is that none of those MPs and Lords were ever mentioned by name but Labour Lord Janner. Although at the time of revealing his name he was very ill and his accusation were denied as well a prosecution was postponed.

When he died it was all of sudden known that there were 22 cases against him.
The worst of them all was Jimmy Saville. His great number of crimes were a widespread knowledge but he was a great friend of Margaret Thatcher which adds a great discredit to her character.

Now, a retired judge was looking at the files and although he did not look through all of the files but reckoned that 'Errors' on the three he had seen. The inquiry is full of problems by already three of the chairs resigned and now two of barristers which all helps to drag it out. Is it to plan to drag it out till all the accused are dead?

The celebrities were soon investigated and convicted and imprisoned. Why has none of Westminster been in court? It is still a cover-up till they died and then we get told how many crimes they committed like in cases of Saville, Smith and Janner.

Nobody of those in power care about the victims. Their lives were destroyed. Some even committed suicide. Doesn't it matter to those who are in the power able to see justice done?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Looking back on recent history and there is a shocking list of British and traditional companies they sold.

One of the biggest was the Royal Mail sold by the infamous ex-Prime Minister David Cameron. It was an over 500 old institution and started by Henry VIII.

In the last six years, since the Tories are in power, the
NHS is being hacked to pieces. Either by constant withdrawal of monies for various new schemes which never worked but are only there to loose the money somewhere. The other method is to sign up endless contractors who just reduce the staff and get out of it the most profit for shareholders.
If the Labour party does not come in soon the NHS will vanish.

The London Stock Exchange, again a very old establishment, will be joined with the
Deutsche Stock Exchange and never be the same.

British Steel was sold down the river by David Cameron, George Osborne and now Theresa May.

They all signed contracts with China to build two nuclear power stations with Chinese steel. The new nuclear fleet will be build with steel from China.

EU wanted to bring in higher import tariffs for Chinese Steel but David Cameron refused to sign. New PM May also refused and the EU will go ahead without the UK and introduce the new tariffs.
PM May signed a contract with China to remove Rover MG to China. Great job losses at a time of great unemployment plus another loss to the British Steel Industry. British Steel had a great reputation across the world for its quality.

The latest sell out was the Baltic Exchange to Singapore yesterday. The Baltic Exchange is a world wide centre for maritime trade and a market for shipping contracts. The 272 year old exchange was sold for £87million. It will remain in its headquarter in the Gherkin, London.

These were just a few of many more Tory's sell, sell, sell drive. Yet, at the same time,  during the Tory's reign in the last six years, they managed to achieve the highest deficit for 67 years.

 Introduced austerity and endless Welfare cuts bringing the general public down to rely on food banks and creating the highest number of millionaires and billionaires. Adding another £700 billion to the National Debts. The UK was also reduced down  to six richest country.

All these above mentioned points makes us plebs ask what happened to the huge sums of money from the sold companies? Surely, if properly handled it should have some impact on the deficit and National debts.

It is not to be said the Labour Party is perfect but history shows that they brought twice the National debt down which had been accrued by the previous Tory Governments and without bringing the whole nation down to poverty.

Harold Wilson paid off the debts from the second World War.

ex-PM Clement Attlee introduce the Welfare System including the National Health Service.

By the time Tony Blair became Prime Minister the country was so run into the ground by Margaret Thatcher it felt like doomed. With all her cuts it ended with five million unemployed although she also covered it up by various schemes.  The streets were littered, parks neglected and council houses dilapidated.

Whatever he done by entering into Afghanistan and Iraq wars, which was totally wrong and should be held accountable for,  but his beginning was magnificent. In no time streets were swept, parks cleaned up and refurbished , council houses repaired with new roofs, windows and painted. A great number of schools, which were more than in a sorry state, were pulled down and newly build.

It is hard to understand why the Tory Party always has to bring the country down with cuts, sell to contractors or various age old
institutions sell to overseas and still increase the National debts?

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


My Opinion:  It had been now over 10 years since the Historical Child Abuse was taken seriously especially in cases of Westminster's VIPs. It was dragged on and out ever since. A number of the accused have died already.

To me it smells of a huge cover-up and keeping the lid down till they all died. None of them care about the feeling of the victims that their lives  had been destroyed.

This is  an amazing bombshell after all those years in the VIP Historical Child Abuse case.

A retired judge Sir Richard Henriques discovered, all of a sudden, errors had been made by the Met Police in the investigation of paedophiles crimes in Westminster. For decades rumours from inside people circulated that there is a paedophile ring.

It had not been stated whether  all VIP had been wrongly accused. The last time a number was revealed it would about of 70 people were accused. So far Lord Bramal, Lord Brittan and ex MP Mr Proctor were wrongly accused according to the investigation by Sir Richard.

It is a bit hard to belief that all those were made erroneously. After all Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police must have been aware that pointing a finger at any VIP is like toughing hot iron.

There was one case, a Labour MP, whose case was heading for the courts but all the time it was emphasised that he is an innocent man. By that time he was already very ill and so it was held off of any further procedures. He died soon and then it was revealed that he was guilty of many paedophile crimes.

Through the last decade, since the law changed and victims were believed, numerous high profiled people were investigated after committing the crime 20 or 30 years ago. They received a prison sentence but not one VIP from Westminster was brought to justice.

A group of victims, from the Midlands, managed to get an appointment with Theresa May, Home Secretary at that time, to see them. When they arrived they waited for about two hours then they were told that Mrs May had to fly to Brussels unexpectedly. It was revealed, later on, that she had no meetings or appointments there.

Theresa May as a Home Secretary chaired three people in the last two years in an investigation of Historical Child Abuse but none stayed long and resigned soon. Each earning a great deal of Taxpayers' money. Although forced into starting an investigation by demand from the public and MPs she did not seem to be eager to get a conclusion.

Now, the pressure mounted, since she is a Prime Minister, to find the guilty ones before they all die; out of the blue comes Sir Richard's bombshell.

It makes you wonder whether he was brought in to finally close the lid once and for all.

Saturday, 5 November 2016



Everybody knows steel and car industry is the backbone of the economy yet the Tories calmly sell out British Steel by buying steel from other countries. There must be a real reason behind it for them to do it. Guess!

Ministers are not answering whether British Steel will be used to build the Royal Navy's new Type 26 frigates. Our guess is as good as any.

Labour MP Stephen Doughty said: "The Tories are still failing to deliver on commitments to use British made steel in key defence proposals.

"It is vital the new frigates use high quality British steel. To do otherwise would betray our national interest, our steelworkers and an industry facing huge challenges."

When Sir Michael Fallon, Defence Secretary, pressed the button to cut the first steel for the Dreadnought class Trident subs it was imported from France. It was also revealed that French steel will be used for the hulls.

French Steel works were also in trouble because of the low priced Chinese steel import. They nationalised their steel works and therefore UK Government pays French Government for their steel.

General Secretary of the Community steel-workers' union Roy Rickhuss said: "It is vital the Government gets the procurement of steel for the frigates right.

"Ensuring UK steel is used in major projects would show we've finally got  a strategy to Save Our Steel."

It is no big guess where the steel will come from since the first steel came from France.

British Steel would not have a crisis if the Government would use it instead of foreign steel.

Around 4,000 tonnes of South Korean steel would be used for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary refuelling tankers.

Of the 82,000 tonnes of steel bought for the two giant Queen Elizaberh aircraft carriers; 4,500 tonnes has come from Turkey and 500 tonnes from Spain. Was the rest British Steel?

The contract PM May signed with China to built two nuclear Power Station, which nobody wants, 80,000 tonnes of steel are going to be  used. The French company EDF which is again French Government will build it.

Another massive steel production and jobs loss thanks to theTories.

Yet PM May claims the Tories are not the nasty party and they are all for the people's welfare. Well, we saw it the last six years and so far no change visible. As the saying goes "Deeds speak louder than words".

It turns your brain to think a Prime Minister can stand there and give such a statement while only a few weeks she signed contracts selling out British Steel and does not give a damn about the steel workers  losing their jobs.


UPDATE:  PM May put an appeal in and the next hearing is on 5 December, 2016. It is the Remain campaigners which cause the trouble and it is a further hold-up and more money wasted. They are hoping to change public's mind to remain in EU.

The aftermath of the High Court of Justice's decision on Brexit has only began.  The High Court decided that MPs should have a vote on it.

However, it is doubtful the campaigners, who took it to the High Court, did not think the implication fully through . No doubt they must have realised it will have an impact but now the Pound has increased and the FTSE is falling.

Before the referendum vote the Pound was $1.5 and the FTSE 5,500 and minus daily.

After the majority of people voted for Brexit the Pound was falling which was good for export and the FTSE was increasing to over 7000.

Although the continuing falling Pound started to worry the City but surely it would have levelled out soon.

The increase of the FTSE started to improve the economy and would have encourage manufacturing which meant more jobs.

In view of that these campaigners who took it to the High Court did not the UK a great favour.

Although PM May tries to calm the explosive situation the  danger is that MPs would vote for Bremain since there was already a drum beating for changing people's mind after the referendum.

If that would be the case, it not only goes against the people's will but also the EU, as promised, will send a tsunami of new restrictive rules.

The £19billion a year membership and a number of other demanded extras will continue. Money which could bring the highest deficit since 67 years down and also benefit the NHS and Welfare.

For whatever reasons these campaigners took it to the High Court ; it unsettled the UK again and is not encouraging foreign investors.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Update 23 Nov., 2016 --
The new Chancellor is Tory Philip Hammond but will he do any better? By right he should stop austerity immediately.

At the moment he is holding big speeches of financial advice in America for a fee of £100,000 each time. Is he advising how to cut the poor and disabled even more to make the rich richer? He had done a great job in the UK and caused at least 2,500 suicides and 40,000 death due to hyperthermia in the last winter.

Callous George Osborne went  to Manchester, held a speech and dared to look at those people in the face. Any one with the least moral would not dare.

George Osborne dared because he does not want to loose his seat in Cheshire. His constituency, most probably, will be axed in the new borders realignment. Now he hopes he can win one of the other seats in Cheshire.

He was whining about how he did not see the mistakes he made.  Furthermore, now as a backbenchers he sees it all. What a twister!

Does Osborne really think he can convince these people to whom he caused the most damage in their lives? He should know and realise that people of the Midlands and North are of a complete different mentality  and have principles and morals.

After Osborne, his partner in crime Cameron and Tories done the most damage to them.
Austerity which was not necessary in a country being the Seventh and now sixth richest in the world. People were brought down to rely on food bank. How would he feel?

It would not cross his mind when he ordered a beefburgers, miles away, costing £12 and brought by taxi on his Budget Day where he announced more cut-backs.

The last crisis about British Steel Osborne and Cameron would not lift a finger to nationalise it to save thousands of jobs. No he sat calmly back and let it go. Steel is always the backbone of any country.

Germany, France and Italy nationalised their steel and now the EU is determined to put a 75 percent tariff on import of Chinese Steel but the Tories opposed it.  EU complained that UK is holding the vote up but PM May did not relentless.

Osborne was also the cause to get the country credit rate devalued in 2013.

He increased the national debt by over £600billion and had the highest deficit for 67 years. But as he had the nerve to state, in Manchester, he did not see his mistakes.

Who is Osborne trying to kid? People are all plebs to the Tories but they are not stupid and kept their pride, dignity, morals and principles in spite of their  very hardship.

Words which do not exist in Tories' dictionary.

George Osborne also gives speeches in the US on financial advice, of course with heavy fees, and announces himself as retired Chancellor even so he was sacked.

George Osborne was the worst Chancellor and not only caused great hardship to disabled, families and children but also suicide. Does he ever think about that?