Thursday, 14 July 2016


Is it because Britain voted for Brexit and now a number of other counties are also wanting to get out of the EU that Brussels is finding new charges?

Everyone knows the plans of a United States of Europe will collapse sooner than later and only because of the greed and countless restrictive rules from Brussels. It is very surprising that it lasted so long.

Now the latest scheme is to charge E10,000 to re-settle an EU refugee There are 14,000 migrants  at the moment. Britain will be charge E18,5million or £15,6million. marvellous, just like that.
A further 160,000 from Italy and Greece by 2017 = E1.6billion = £1.3billion altogether. Britain's contribution will be E208million =£175million.

It is due to the free movement within Europe like the USA but the difference is that the USA has a very strict and even stricter now border control all round, due to the migrants crisis. Brussels failed to establish that and therefore created a migrant crisis, last year of over one million.

Brussels ignores the fact that every country can only take so many migrants. Therefore countries are already overran and closed their borders like Hungary, Austria, Denmark and even Germany now.
Switzerland which has only a Single Market agreement but Brussels included a free movement has now closed their borders.

Switzerland  had been threatened with withdrawal of the Single Market agreement but Swiss Government does not seem to bow down.

If Britain negotiates now for a Single Market trade it will also face the enclosure of free movement which was one of the main reasons people wanted to get out of the EU.

In my opinion why not cut all ties with Brussels. It is doubtful that the big companies will stop trading with Britain because it would also be a great loss to them.

Doesn't it look like the draconian rules of Brussels are coming unstuck.

As always if Brussels find a opening it will cash in with both hands. It is doubtful that Brussels will pass on any of those monies to the migrants to re-settle them. Knowing Brussels all they will give them a train ticket to whichever country and let that country deal to finance their housing etc.

Britain had officially 250,000  migrants last year due to the mismanagement of Cameron. It is estimated that altogether there are over one million of illegal migrants in this country.

Friday, 8 July 2016


UPDATE 15 July, 2016 --
It was revealed that Liam Fox had lunch with Rupert Murdoch two weeks before his appointment in the Tories Cabinet.

Rupert Murdoch certainly looks as if he is trying to run the UK and the World. He was most instrumental in the run up to the Iraq war.

Headline like "Weapon of Mass Destruction" were screaming from the front page of The Sun, Murdoch's paper. As a matter of fact Iraq was disarming and very badly equipped. They all must have known it and told nothing but lies, causing nothing but death and destruction. Yet they all get away with it.

The taxpayers had to pay £20million as compensation and not Blair who was the instigator. The UK people did not want war with Iraq.

Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, owned by Murdoch, said at the Levenson inquiry for phone-hacking: "I'm not sure that the Blair government or Tony Blair - would have been able to take the British people to war if it had not been for the implacable support provided by Murdoch's papers. There's no doubt they came from Murdoch himself."

TV channel FOX News, owned by Murdoch, increased its rating to 5,6million prime time with news about Iraq invasion.

Chilcot did not mention those people but their influence was enormous.

Tony Blair's contacts with Washington before Iraq invasion was not approved by everyone.
Rumsfeld did not care whether the British took part or not and Blair was worried that the US would start without Britain. On the evening before Murdoch phoned Tony Blair. The Chilcot report stated that Downing Street has no record on that and it is assume that Blair did not go through the switch board.

Tony Blair's spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, stated that Murdoch "was pressing on timings, saying New International would support us etc. Both Blair and I felt it was promoted by Washington and another example of their over crude diplomacy."

Murdoch has a long standing relationship with US Representatives. 14 years ago he influence public opinion in the US and UK for the invasion of Iraq, mentioning cheap oil. He is now backing Donald Trump. In my opinion another disaster.

Rebekah Wade (now Brooks) was involved in the company in The Sun urging "a swift ad successful war that would prove to the world what a deadly menace Saddam has been for year will cement Blair's place in history."
When Charles Kennedy, Liberal leader, opposing the
war The Sun showed him on the front page with a snake in the background with the caption "Spot the difference. One is a spineless reptile. The other is a poisonous snake."

Robin Cook, resigned before the invasion and Clare Short and both were   savaged by his papers.
Brooks resigned when the phone scandal broke in 2011 but was
acquitted in 2014. She was re-appointed as CEO in 2015.

Robert Thompson, Australia former editor of The Times supposed to be closer than any other man to Murdoch. He heavily supported the Iraq invasion in 2002 and 2003. In the
Chilcot report it was revealed that a message was sent to Jack Straw Private Office in March 2003 stating "the process of preparing media and public opinion for possible action on Iraq is under way."

Thompson left and moved to US where he was editor-in-chief of Down Jones and The Wall Street Journal ( both owned by Murdoch). In 2013 he became chief executive of News Corporation - Murdoch main company covering all the others.

Gove was in 2003 assistant editor at the The Times and so  enthusiastically about an invasion in Iraq it made Tony Blair a peace keeper. In December 2002 Gove wrote: "He condemned the unhappy section of British Left whose antipathy to Western policy makes them Saddam's useful idiots." and asked "Why is that so many of those political creed should be driven by desire to emancipate those who are suffering choose to object to a course of action which would deliver millions from misery?"

He made a name for himself in
Brexit and then stabbed Boris Johnson in the back before Friday morning when the outcome was announced Brexit had won. Deciding he would stand as candidate for Prime Minister.

Veteran MP
Ken Clark was caught on camera saying about Michael Gove: "With Michael as Prime Minister we'd go to war with at least 3 countries at once."

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


UPDATE 13 July, 2016
It shows how controlled the press is. Hopefully Mrs May will reverse it.

The journalist Mr Flintoff tried to publish the event of JC4PM tour but no big newspaper accepted it, claiming it is no news to the public. Yet when he wrote a blog he received 34 000 hits.

There is plainly a manipulation on the press to show that Jeremy Corbyn is deserted and a lonely figure, including his friends. Far from it the public if more and more behind Mr Corbyn and Labour. 60 000 have signed up with Labour in the last week.

The public is aware that the press has been put under the Tories and Mr Cameron's control which is totally against democracy and the British constitution. The British press had always had a great reputation across the world but as so many other constitutions it does not mean anything to Mr Cameron but either to sell it, contraction out or silencing it.

Thank goodness for the Internet and its freedom we still read about events which are otherwise under control of David Cameron and forbidden. Would he achieve to get control of the Internet too? Surely it must be a thorn in his sides.

The JC4PM tour starts on Saturday at O2 and tickets are available for £10. Many big names of music, comedy and showbiz signed up to perform. They might even jeopardising their career but still agreed. The control is that bad. Some of the big names refused.

This tour has not been organized by Labour or Jeremy Corbyn but the people.

Even after David Cameron steps down and if Theresa May or some others win, it will not change. Only a new General Election and with Labour in power the scene would change. David Cameron knew it from the moment Mr Corbyn was elected that he would be a great danger only because Mr Corbyn has principles, respect and manners.

Mr Corbyn has to be admired for standing there at every PMQ and to be insulted and ridiculed without hitting back severely which he surely knows how. At the last PMQ David Cameron even had ther audacity to tell him to go.

Does not Mr Cameron realise how pathetic he shows himself up with his pantomimes and feels so glorified when his lot sheers and laughs? He looks like a 4 year old in the playground, not a politician, leave alone a Prime Minister. It is incredible.

Friday, 1 July 2016

WE STILL CAN NOT TRUST THEM Update 19 July, 2016

UPDATE: 19 July, 2016 --  Although Mr Cameron resigned and Mr Osborne got the sack it is doubtful they stop influencing the Government. Already Mr Osborne made a speech of signing the Trident update in nuclear weapons because the economy is in improving. Well it did not under his six years in office as a Chancellor - the deficit ended highest for 37 years and the debt increased by £600billion to £1.6trillion.

The Trident project is estimated to £37bn but will surely end up as £100bn or more. H2S was est £35bn but is now £100bn and not even the tracks are laid.

Money available for all that but the public staving and homelessness the highest since record began in 1948.

Mr Cameron previously announced that he will stay even if the UK votes Brexit. The moment the vote was announced he resigned despite the big speech about Winston Churchill never gave up. He also said to one of his aides that he will not do the s*** in Brussels. It all shows Mr Cameron attitude. At least he resigned and is gone but will it make any difference with Theresa May as PM?

Gove, now a candidate for the Prime Minister, stated several times that he will not stand to be PM. The news came through that he shot Boris Johnson in the back on Thursday night and couped half of Mr Johnson's supporters. They fell from 94 to 47.

He even went so far that he announced Boris Johnson was not able to lead the Party and the country. During the campaign for
Brexit Mr Johnson showed and spoke far more sense and truth. David Cameron and George Osborne done nothing but scaremongering no matter what false statement they gave.

David Cameron resigned and is leaving on Wednesday. Theresa May the next Prime Minister. At the end she was the only candidate. All the other candidate resigned one by one?

Now Mrs May, Home Secretary, decided to stand to be Prime Minister. Mrs May has a string of failures in her present position. The contracted out Border Agency cost the country for years a high sum, never disclosed, but were constantly in the headlines for scandals. Mrs May eventually cancelled the contract and brought the control of the borders back under her authority called Border Force. As far it is known the security has not improved one bit.

Then there were the endless scandals of deportations. Not for years but decades hate preachers were able spread their messages to encourage young men. It cost the country £17million on benefits for them, court cases and support to their families who lived in big, expensive houses. Eventually when she managed for the court to agree a date of deportation she messed it up by forgetting such a vital date. The court
procedures had to be started all over again.

The prison services contracted out to
Serco and G4S were scandals about prisoners escaped and tagging for probation by G4S showed false records of people still in prison, dead or living abroad but G4S received other contracts still. The scandal of G4S announcing 10 days before the Olympics 2012 that they had no adequate security at a time when it was on high terrorists alert.

Now Mr Osborne cancelled his achieving a Surplus by 2020. At the same time he announced that the austerity will still continue and cuts will have to be made to reduce the highest deficit for 67 years which he made since 2010. He also stated that he will borrow more. In other words were is the difference from his original plan of first announcing a Budget of £12billion Welfare cuts and more recently a £30billion to reduce the deficit and debts which the Tories created since 2010.

No Budget to reduce the out-of-hand
MPs expenses. Constant 10 per cent salaries increase every year. More deployment of troops in Iraq and bombing in Syria which was totally against the wishes of the people. £500million additional payment to Brussels towards £4.2billion to Turkey to control migrants plus constant bail-out of lesser economical EU countries.

 It is only the tip of the list of endless wasted taxpayers' money while people are starving in this country and rely on over 1,000 food banks. The homelessness has risen to an all high since records began in 1948.

They should get their house in Westminster in order first before they yet cut again public spending. Mr Osborne would have the biggest surprise how much he would be able to safe. Not to speak about the tax
avoiders which are his friends. He led Google off to pay an additional £150million to pay some of their tax avoiding which would still not be the full sum.

No we can not trust their promises any more or threats to keep the public in order. The gloom and doom they spread before the EU referendum shows right the opposite. The
FTSE which showed minus almost every day since GE2015 shows now a plus ever since Brexit won.

It was good to see that the public did use their own judgement.

Saturday, 18 June 2016


It is a very sad day when MP Jo Cox died because she believed in democracy and was also fighting for migrants. RIP. It is very sad if a 41 year old lady gets gunned down and stabbed several times. What has this society come to?

This event raises a string of question about the safety of politicians. At the House of Parliament they are safe without a doubt because of security checks and armed police.

One fact weighs heavily against democracy at the present. If you have democracy you got to have a strict and just Justice. At the moment it does not exists. Drug dealers, burglars, rapists and paedophiles get mostly a warning after umpteenth convictions and if they get a prison sentence it will be halved to a few months. Murderers get life but life means 15, 20 or 25 years and on good behaviour will be reduced.

If they can claim a mental health problem, some do have and some claim they did not know what they were doing in that moment, they go into a mental secure hospital like most probably this murderer will. But his action of building a gun does not show he did not know what he was doing. Therefore the Justice needs a real wake-up and the Government to stop closing down prisons especially with a situation we have at moment. People seem to kill for the least reason.

The danger lurks when they are in their own constituencies. A survey revealed that 43 MPs out of 239 were victims of actual or attempted attacks.

This is an unacceptable situation when a MP cannot voice their opinion and fight for other people without being attack by somebody who does not agree with it.

The question is how to protect them? In short it is impossible. MPs are constantly exposed at the street or when they keep surgeries. They have to meet the public constantly.

The only idea which the Common authorities could come up with to have an aide with them when they have the surgery meeting. A Panic button which connects them direct to the Police and MI5 would also give them some protection.

All in all it has come to a terrible state in having a democracy and not being able to protect its politicians totally. Due to a number of movements the freedom which the previous generation knew is going to disappear slowly but definitely. It is exactly what these various groups want to strike fear and rule by fear.

Finally, the conclusion is that British democracy means MPs will not be safe anymore. Even democracy itself becoming doubtful the ways the Government is overruling all the time and Brussels is ruling more and more the UK.

Source Evening Standard

Friday, 17 June 2016


Call this article anti-Semitism or Nazi apologizer but this is the final straw by Israel to turn off the water in the Israeli occupied West Bank.

My generation had the experiences what it means to run to the standpipe for every drop of water. Especially in the West Bank where there are high temperatures it is as inexcusable as the Holocaust.

The headlines should be all full of this cruelty inflicted by Israel but not one papers said even one small line of contempt.

Ever since Israelis received their "promised Land" they never stopped warring with their neighbours and managed to increase the "promised Land" tenfold. Already on signing over 750,000 Palestinian people were made to leave.

After that Palestine kept shrinking and Israel expanding. The USA Israel's main backer never said a word and told them to stop. Why? Is it because USA, which also loves to start a war wherever they can or decide, needed a stockpile of weaponry in the Middle East.

It is also condemnable the barricade of Gaza's harbour for decades yet USA and the West do not condemn it or stop Israel. Who gives them the right and what is the UN doing suppose to keep peace, freedom and justice?

When Israel claimed that three soldiers were murdered they started to bomb Gaza for 50 days. Not one word in the press against the atrocity and 2,000 people died and many more injured some life long. When eventual UN started to stop it Israel went into the West Bank found the three soldiers' grave and shot three Palestinians without proof or court procedures.

Apparently people in Gaza still live in ruins despite people in the UK collected thousands of pounds to help. Is that right and what happened to the money? It is obvious the people did not  get it.
It has also been reported that Israel still drops bombs on Gaza. Again not a word in the press or any contempt.

After the truce was signed on Gaza Israel went to the West Bank and enclosed 800 ha land pulled down villages and drove the people off. Not a word in the press or from the USA, West or the UN. Israeli soldiers in the West Bank go at night into homes and arrest children, mainly boys for interrogation. It is not  know for how long or what happened to those children.

When Israelis got their "promised Land" they should have been the happiest people on earth and live in peace with the Palestinians and their neighbours. They experienced the Holocaust and therefore know how it feels when a powerful nation steps down on you. So why doing the same thing?

Apparently from the maps in 1948 to todays it shows the destruction to the Palestinian people and their land. How many have died either immediately or slowly because of harsh condition is hard to find out? By judging of the maps it must be hundreds of thousands if not millions.

And now they introduced cutting off the water in a hot place like the West Bank many will die of heat stroke and heart attacks.  Where is the USA, UN, West and  Human Rights which supports mass-murderers, rapists and paedophiles but not desperate people like Palestinians?

It is obvious Israel will not give up till they drove every Palestinian person from the land. Final Solution no difference, Again the world looks on and does nothing. Why was Hitler not stopped earlier? He was in power since 1933 and the Allies only declared war when he invaded countries. They did not stop him when he was killing the Jews.


UPDAYE 15 July, 2016 --
Mr Hunt has been re-elected as Health Secretary and is at the moment negotiating a contract to privatise the Senior Staff Section, obviously nothing has changed. He has not solved the Junior Doctors' strike and already privatise another section.

The Tories are still determined to break the NHS. High time there is a General Election and the Real Labour comes in with Jeremy Corbyn to save the NHS in the eleventh hours.

My Opinion: Has the PM David Cameron kept his word to pay NHS £8billion? My guess is as good as any other person that he has not. He promised in GE2010 and GE2015 the NHS is safe in his hands. In the GE2015 he will pay £8billion into the NHS. None of the promises had been med or the contrary he breaking the NHS more and more. 

The Tory Government has done everything to break the NHS ever since they got into power. They are determined to privatise it, like the USA, so the insurances can have a bonanza and the Tories in shares.  Everyone knows the situation in America; if you do not have an insurance you will not be treated even if your life depends on it. The insurance in the USA are so expensive that many people can not effort it.

Despite all the effort to break the NHS PM David Cameron announced in the two General Election the NHS is safe in their hands. Even now with the EU referendum vote coming up he trumpets about the NHS is safe if voted to remain in EU membership. Does he really belief people swallow it again?
Even Brussels was honest about and stated that remain in Europe would they would stop the NHS.

By now the voters must be feeling like a rotating door in a storm.

NHS leaders put out a rescue plans to safe the closure of the A&E at the North Middlesex Hospital which treats 500 patients a day. Bart Health which is the biggest trust in the UK runs The Royal London offered to help. The hospital faced a loss of 26 junior doctors because they did not get the necessary training.

New consultants will find a new incentive at the North Middles Universal Hospital by gaining experiences at The Royal London in Whitechapel and hopefully it will save the 26 junior doctors and the A&E. They will be doing shifts in one of the world's top trauma centres.

If the North Mid A&E would have to be closed none of the nearby hospitals have the capacity to cope with the extra number of patience.

But apparently it did not worry David Cameron who replied when questioned at parliamentary Premier Question Time: "Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will continue to monitor this closely." It is again an answer which says everything and nothing for which Mr Cameron really excels himself whenever a question is put to him.

This is no way a Prime Minister should contact himself because people wants to know when asked and deserve a proper answer.