Tuesday, 11 October 2016


It shows again how corrupt NHS  became under the Tory Government, Karina Percy had to step down as chief executive of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust in August.

Anger spilled over after refusal to investigate the unexpected of not only a few but hundreds of death of patients between 2011 and 2015.

The Trust provides community health, mental health and learning disability services in Hampshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

In April they received a warning from inspectors that they still not protecting patience ensuring strict procedures and investigate.

Karina Percy not only received a £190,000 golden good-bye package but walked straight into a specially advisory role at the Trust with the same £240,000 a year payment and benefit package.

The news provoked a great fury since she and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt have no concern about the hundreds of death nor the financial state of the NHS. Furthermore there are a great number of chief executives earning £500,000 or more. All part and parcel of bringing the NHS down and privatise it.

 Now to crown it all, she is leaving with the equivalent of a year's pay after the Trust's "reflection" concerning the public, patients and family.

It would not be a surprise if she pops up somewhere else in a top position with high income and benefits.

One of the mothers whose son Connor Sparrowhawk drowned in the bath at his care home during an epileptic fit said: "Utterly disgraceful".

It is nothing but an insult to families who lost a loved one and again the taxpayers have to foot the bill.

It also proves and shows that nothing has changed with Theresa May being the new Prime Minister.

Thursday, 6 October 2016


PM Theresa May and her cronies really excelled themselves when they kept on that Britain has to have a nuclear Trident. They convinced most of the MPs and even Jeremy Corbyn into a lukewarm agreement.

The vote was through for fitting Trident with nuclear warheads estimated cost of £41billion at the moment. History shows the estimated costs always doubles if not trebles at the end.

The most powerful point given was that so-and-so many thousands of workers losing their jobs. Even Scotland was all for it because it would be  done in Scottish ports.

The ink was hardly dry on the voting papers when it was announced that it will be build with French steel.

No way Mrs May can convince the public that it was not planned before hand. These huge contracts do not flatter on her desk over night.

It was the worst betrayal to Britain and its people, so far.

Only days after that she had the thick nerve to state that she was all for the ordinary workers. The fact is that it could have saved over 1,000 steel workers job.

Part of the Trident renewal programme is a deal for the French to supply steel  to build the hulls of four Successor boats worth tens of thousands of millions.

It would have saved 1,000 jobs at Scunthorpe plant where three where three plate mills were closed.
It exposes the full double dealing of the Tories.

Nor did Mrs May this dirty deal but also with China allowing them to build the Hinkley Nuclear Plant with 80,000 tons of Chinese steel. She not only overrode the wishes of British people not wanting a nuclear plant but let the British Steel Industry to be closed.

These are two major projects with a deadly impact on British Steel within three months unelected reign. What will come next?

Yet she announced at the Conservative Conference that her party is all for the workers, people and NHS which is another doubtful point. Why does she not cancel all the bloodsuckers' contracts at the NHS? If she can sign those two major contracts with China and France within three months she also can cancel the contracts with the NHS immediately and safe NHS plus honour Cameron's promised of £8billion contribution.

There is £41billion for Trident available plus billions for bombing Syria, each mission costing £500million. £8billion for NHS would not even be missed. 

Another loss to the British Steel Industry is Mrs May allowed the MG Rovers to be moved to China. 
She is no different to Cameron. Both have no respect of British people, its tradition and no moral to sell long-standing institutions and manufactures.

Another contradiction to Mrs May hailing the Tories being a party for ordinary people at the Conservatives Conference is the promise that  Austerity will remain.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


inquiry was started two years ago when Theresa May was Home Office Secretary but was dragging her feet. So far it costs the taxpayers, of course, £20million and not one word of names or evidence yet.

The police found evidence of 78 VIPs being accused of sex with children. Surely the police were doing a very thorough job. Really there was no need for an
inquiry any way. What is the hold-up? Another cover-up? Celebrities and public were dealt with in no time and convicted in the court. Why not VIPs? Especially being a VIP should not have more  privilege to escape justice if guilty of child sex abuse.

The new chairwoman, a former social worker, Professor Alexis Jay is dealing so far with the three resignations.

Even experts are of the opinion that the
inquiry has already run out of time because a number of the accused have died and probably also victims. The former director of public prosecutions Lord MacDonald said: "It should be either constrained or closed."

Veteran barrister Michael
Manfield QC said: "This had been chaotic from the beginning, there should have been far more consultation not just about the terms of reference but about how it's going to be managed.
"I'm very willing to consider it. they need another lawyer at the top because there are legal decisions to be made and I'm afraid the present chair
isn't a lawyer."

Remember! When the victims asked to meet Mr May when she was a Home Office Secretary to state their case to add pressure for an
inquiry. Mrs May agreed to a meeting but then the victims waited at her office and after a considerable time were told that Mrs May had flown out to Brussels where there was no meeting.

So far we heard only one name mentioned Lord
Janner, Labour, and at that time it was vigorously denied any involvement with children. Soon Lord Janner died and then it was revealed he was accused of 29 cases.

No Tory has been announced being accused so far!

During Thatcher's time an official was ordered to look into the accusation of child sex abuse. In a very short time he closed the books announcing that half of the Thatcher Government was involved.

Only after Jimmy
Saville's death a tsunami broke loose of his huge number of sex abuse of children and in mortuaries. All of a sudden everybody knew about his years of vile abuse. At the same time they also knew that if they would speak out their job started to wobble until it would vanished.

Saville and Greville Janner were even knighted and demands came now to take the knighthood off but so far it was not done because both families object. It does not say much about principles of the families as well as the Government.

Since plum job of chairing the VIP sex abuse inquiry cost £185,000 a year plus a huge amount of expenses and nothing will come of it; they might just as well close it now.

It is estimated that it would cost the taxpayers at the end around £100million which far too much for nothing.

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Update 27 Oct., 2016 --
USA destroyed three coastal radar sites in Yemen which makes them involved there. Saudi Arabia has been already bombarding the country for some time with weapon supplied by USA and UK.

Another country to be destroyed for no reason at all to the USA

Since the end of  WWII the USA never stopped attacking other countries.

First under the excuse to stop communism. They attack Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Cambodia and left them completely devastated and in ruins.

None of these countries were aggressive to the USA. Communist Russia under Stalin would not full back these countries knowing it would escalate into another World War. Therefore to call Russia, then and now, aggressive is wrong just to draw the attention from themselves.

Reminder, it was Russia which defused the built up when the chemical bomb was dropped and John Kerry pushing us into another full scale war with all his might. Russia is not perfect but not half as aggressive as always pointed at or the USA.

Yet they supported Pol-Pot, Papa Dog, Baby Dog and Khmer Rouge which were one of the worst killers in history.

Does that make sense?

Recently they attacked Afghanistan and overthrown the government because they were dictators. The same excuse was made to invade Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and now Syria.

They were all illegal wars and yet the UN, supposed to be a peace keeper, never raised an eye brow leave alone stopped it.

If these governments were dictators and kept killing their people what about George Bush and Tony Blair? They have killed in Iraq alone one million civilian. It is doubtful that even Saddam Hussein would have achieved that.

Israel almost wiped Palestinians off the map  but nobody, leave alone the USA, would call them dictators. USA would not invade Israel because it supplies the USA with weapons. Israel produces the most sophisticated weapons in the world.

Since USA and UN are trying to be so righteous why is George Bush and Tony Blair not prosecuted for the illegal war;  killing so many people in Afghanistan and Iraq and thousands of soldiers had to die needlessly?

Britain had a investigation on the Iraq war and Chilcot's report stated openly it was wrong and illegal and proved that Tony Blair sanctioned it. It cost 480 British soldiers lives and one million civilians in Iraq but up till now Tony Blair is allowed to carry with his Empire making billions of ponds. He was never pulled into court in The Hague.

Where is the USA righteousness there and George Bush?

The USA started a war in Syria for the only reason given again that  President  Assad  is a dictator and kills his people. Yet the USA has again killed hundred times more people. Let the Taliban grow in Afghanistan and the IS in Iraq.

Does the USA ever look at its own record or is only interested in getting rid of the weaponry to produce more to keep the dollar flowing?

When IS got completely out of hand and the threat was there to overrun the West loud scream for help started to be heard.

When there was a chemical bomb dropped in Syria and US State Secretary John Kerry never stopped to beat the drums for military intervention, blaming Syria's army. Mr Assad admitted they have chemical weapons but never used it

John Kerry also insisted that 1,500 people died but the "Doctors without Borders" which were there at the time insisted it was 200 or 300.

John Kerry is nothing but a warmonger yet when he was fighting in the Vietnam war he was dishonourable dismissed because he was  in contact with the Vietcong. A dishonourable dismissal from military in America is the worst thing, it means no employment or very low; yet look where John Kerry is.

John Kerry near convincing the West  and it came to a point that world peace was threatened facing a chemical WWIII. Literally in the last minute Russia intervened made  Mr Assad hand over his chemical weapons to the Russians to be destroyed.

The UN sent an envoy of top inspectors out but the report was never published therefore you can make your own conclusion. John Kerry vanished into the back ground.

In the meantime, the Kunduz hospital, run by "Doctors without Borders" with a  big red cross on the roof was bombed. At first the USA tried to justify it that 12 Taliban were hiding inside. Even so a hospital should never been bombed and eventually America admitted the mistake but gave a very lukewarm speech by one of the top brass.

Now, three hospitals were bombed in Syria and first big headlines but eventually it went out of the limelight and nobody asked any more question. 46 Syrian soldiers were killed by mistake!! No question being asked; answer given but eventually the Russians were blamed. 

At the moment is the scandalous bombing of an aid supply convoy heading toward Aleppo hitting three of the trucks. At first the USA was blamed but then it turned into Russia got the blame.

The moment the incident happen John Kerry was there again to point the finger at Russia. Russia never commented and so far it had not been officially established who was at fault.

Will we ever know or will it be kept secret again like the chemical attack?

One thing for sure if it was Russia it would have been all over the newspapers.

It is well known that USA and their Allies bombing and fighting the IS and supplying weaponry through the backdoor to them.

Since Russia got involved they pointing their fingers at them for bombing Aleppo, killing civilians, but nobody in the West or USA blame USA to have started another illegal war killing civilians since 2011.

Monday, 26 September 2016


MG production at
Longbridge, Birmingham, has a 110 years history. It was sold by the Blair government in 2005 to Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation despite order books were full but due to greedy, bad management.

The sale was announced at the same time as a 130 per cent UK sale  increased was revealed.

MG Rover was the Pride and Envy of the world but it did not mean anything to
Thatcherite Tony Blair and his friends.

The feeble reason now was
Brexit which caused  the dropping of the Pound therefore China did not see any sense in investing further in Longbridge. It is only one side of the coin  but since China plans to expand into Europe the other side is shipping costs which cancels the savings.

A huge amount has to be spend on moving the production to China, train thousands of workers and will take years to balance the books again.

It is yet another major job loss to thousands of specialised workers. The Government keeps randing on about the Northern Powerhouse and at the same time lets the Steel works go to the wall and now MP Rover move to China. What kind of Government is this?

The  move will also have an impact on the Steel Industry. Well done Mrs May putting another few nails into the coffin.

At the same time as PM Theresa May lets a 110 years old production of a world  famous car go to China; she lets China built a nuclear power station in the UK. What kind of exchange is this?

"Made in Britain" has still a ring of guarantee; while consumer, like it or not, still has a suspicion about "Made in China".  It also could mean the decline of the famous make MG and Rover.

A fine example the famous Waterford Crystal "Made in Ireland" moved their production to China and the demand diminished with "Made in China" is no  more.

MG was first produced in
Oxfordshire 92 years ago.

Longbridge car production started in 1906. MG moved there in 1956. At its height during 1950 and 1970 it employed 25,000 people. Over 200,000 cars are produced a year and it is the biggest car production in the UK   Austin Morris started production in 1948.

All this does not mean a thing to the Tory Government like the Coal Mines, Ship Industry, Royal Mail, Steel Industry,
NHS and MG Rover. It also does not care about the hundreds of thousands job losses which also has an impact on whole communities being ripped apart.

It is getting even more senseless to build now this super high speed train H2S costing eventually over £100billion to Manchester and Birmingham where all the major industries had been ripped out.

Thursday, 14 July 2016


Is it because Britain voted for Brexit and now a number of other counties are also wanting to get out of the EU that Brussels is finding new charges?

Everyone knows the plans of a United States of Europe will collapse sooner than later and only because of the greed and countless restrictive rules from Brussels. It is very surprising that it lasted so long.

Now the latest scheme is to charge E10,000 to re-settle an EU refugee There are 14,000 migrants  at the moment. Britain will be charge E18,5million or £15,6million. marvellous, just like that.
A further 160,000 from Italy and Greece by 2017 = E1.6billion = £1.3billion altogether. Britain's contribution will be E208million =£175million.

It is due to the free movement within Europe like the USA but the difference is that the USA has a very strict and even stricter now border control all round, due to the migrants crisis. Brussels failed to establish that and therefore created a migrant crisis, last year of over one million.

Brussels ignores the fact that every country can only take so many migrants. Therefore countries are already overran and closed their borders like Hungary, Austria, Denmark and even Germany now.
Switzerland which has only a Single Market agreement but Brussels included a free movement has now closed their borders.

Switzerland  had been threatened with withdrawal of the Single Market agreement but Swiss Government does not seem to bow down.

If Britain negotiates now for a Single Market trade it will also face the enclosure of free movement which was one of the main reasons people wanted to get out of the EU.

In my opinion why not cut all ties with Brussels. It is doubtful that the big companies will stop trading with Britain because it would also be a great loss to them.

Doesn't it look like the draconian rules of Brussels are coming unstuck.

As always if Brussels find a opening it will cash in with both hands. It is doubtful that Brussels will pass on any of those monies to the migrants to re-settle them. Knowing Brussels all they will give them a train ticket to whichever country and let that country deal to finance their housing etc.

Britain had officially 250,000  migrants last year due to the mismanagement of Cameron. It is estimated that altogether there are over one million of illegal migrants in this country.

Friday, 8 July 2016


Update 1 Oct., 2016 --
PM Theresa May had a 'private' meeting with Rupert Murdoch when she was in NY, USA. Murdoch still running this country. Was he briefing her for the Conservative Conference tomorrow?

UPDATE 15 July, 2016 --
It was revealed that Liam Fox had lunch with Rupert Murdoch two weeks before his appointment in the Tories Cabinet.

Rupert Murdoch certainly looks as if he is trying to run the UK and the World. He was most instrumental in the run up to the Iraq war.

Headline like "Weapon of Mass Destruction" were screaming from the front page of The Sun, Murdoch's paper. As a matter of fact Iraq was disarming and very badly equipped. They all must have known it and told nothing but lies, causing nothing but death and destruction. Yet they all get away with it.

The taxpayers had to pay £20million as compensation and not Blair who was the instigator. The UK people did not want war with Iraq.

Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, owned by Murdoch, said at the Levenson inquiry for phone-hacking: "I'm not sure that the Blair government or Tony Blair - would have been able to take the British people to war if it had not been for the implacable support provided by Murdoch's papers. There's no doubt they came from Murdoch himself."

TV channel FOX News, owned by Murdoch, increased its rating to 5,6million prime time with news about Iraq invasion.

Chilcot did not mention those people but their influence was enormous.

Tony Blair's contacts with Washington before Iraq invasion was not approved by everyone.
Rumsfeld did not care whether the British took part or not and Blair was worried that the US would start without Britain. On the evening before Murdoch phoned Tony Blair. The Chilcot report stated that Downing Street has no record on that and it is assume that Blair did not go through the switch board.

Tony Blair's spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, stated that Murdoch "was pressing on timings, saying New International would support us etc. Both Blair and I felt it was promoted by Washington and another example of their over crude diplomacy."

Murdoch has a long standing relationship with US Representatives. 14 years ago he influence public opinion in the US and UK for the invasion of Iraq, mentioning cheap oil. He is now backing Donald Trump. In my opinion another disaster.

Rebekah Wade (now Brooks) was involved in the company in The Sun urging "a swift ad successful war that would prove to the world what a deadly menace Saddam has been for year will cement Blair's place in history."
When Charles Kennedy, Liberal leader, opposing the
war The Sun showed him on the front page with a snake in the background with the caption "Spot the difference. One is a spineless reptile. The other is a poisonous snake."

Robin Cook, resigned before the invasion and Clare Short and both were   savaged by his papers.
Brooks resigned when the phone scandal broke in 2011 but was
acquitted in 2014. She was re-appointed as CEO in 2015.

Robert Thompson, Australia former editor of The Times supposed to be closer than any other man to Murdoch. He heavily supported the Iraq invasion in 2002 and 2003. In the
Chilcot report it was revealed that a message was sent to Jack Straw Private Office in March 2003 stating "the process of preparing media and public opinion for possible action on Iraq is under way."

Thompson left and moved to US where he was editor-in-chief of Down Jones and The Wall Street Journal ( both owned by Murdoch). In 2013 he became chief executive of News Corporation - Murdoch main company covering all the others.

Gove was in 2003 assistant editor at the The Times and so  enthusiastically about an invasion in Iraq it made Tony Blair a peace keeper. In December 2002 Gove wrote: "He condemned the unhappy section of British Left whose antipathy to Western policy makes them Saddam's useful idiots." and asked "Why is that so many of those political creed should be driven by desire to emancipate those who are suffering choose to object to a course of action which would deliver millions from misery?"

He made a name for himself in
Brexit and then stabbed Boris Johnson in the back before Friday morning when the outcome was announced Brexit had won. Deciding he would stand as candidate for Prime Minister.

Veteran MP
Ken Clark was caught on camera saying about Michael Gove: "With Michael as Prime Minister we'd go to war with at least 3 countries at once."